Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Fashion Forward



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  1. OMG, Laura’s pic is awesome!

    Good for her for being funny about it, instead of all “feminazi-ish”

  2. Dude, what are you? Like 12? So juvenile. Your mom must be proud (and not expect grandchildren anytime soon).

    I love Laura’s pic tho. It’s always good to laugh at yourself BEFORE everyone else does. That way, you got there first 🙂

  3. The first one must be some subtle euphemism for something, but I just can’t figure out what…

    And Laura, I accept your invitation.

  4. Your T-shirt + Bar full of available women = Never getting laid

  5. Your (SMALL) cock + anyone’s pussy = will NEVER meet.

  6. Anybody notice that the guy has pissed himself slightly?

  7. I would totally enter her if I wasn’t married HAHAHA

  8. that guy’s shirt + beer pong = why the terrorists want us dead.

  9. t-shirt guy: go away. from every place you’ll ever be.

    laura: i like you, we could be best friends. interested?

  10. Hey t-shirt guy? Can I call you t-shirt guy? I dont know you but I hate you. That is all.

  11. I think people are misunderstanding the guy up top’s shirt. He is acknowleding that his cock + pussy is DIVIDED from good times.

  12. That guy’s t-shirt + bar full of women = Gonna be a lot more time for Warcraft.

  13. I’m pritty sure the guy on the top wears Ed Hardy when he isn’t wearing that sihirt

  14. @King Gonad: Excellent. It’s true that mathematics and science can help us explain all of life’s mysteries.

  15. @sarah : Lol yeah just saw so funny xP

  16. Laura, I love you. Hector, I also love you because your name is Hector. =)

  17. HECTOR FTW! Lol, there was a dude with that name in our class last year.

  18. While I think the guys shirt was on the right path for a good, subtle laugh, he may want to pull out a paint brush with some white paint, and change that divide into an equals. Otherwise people may start believing he is gay! Too soon?

    Yes Lauren. No worries. My place or yours? Are you going to keep the blurry eyes? Just wondering if I should start drinking too.

  19. @ Gogloplex: I’ll bet you’re right.

    Also, in elementary school, that line meant equals. Like a 3 above a 4 with a plus sign in between. Then a line is drawn under. That’s equal. But still, his shirt is lame.

  20. Oh wow the guy looks so much like my old boss

  21. @cdnair Your old boss had a blurry face?

  22. His cock + anyone’s pussy = non-consensual.

  23. haha love laura’s pic.

  24. The guy in the first pic looks like John Leslie. I bet Ulrika Johnson doesn’t agree about the good times…

  25. I bought that top t-shirt as Xmas gifts for all the guys I don’t like all that much. It’s going to be fun to sit back and observe their sex lives dwindling.

  26. I can’t for the life of me figure out which letters you can place between “Enter” and “Me” that would make sense. It may be a college faculty in-joke or something like that, but I choose to suspect that Laura’s t-shirt was designed to be worn with a scarf. And by God, does it look good in a pub!

    Also, I’m glad to see the longsleeve white vests underneath t-shirts look is acceptable nowadays. Looks so much better on girls than boys though.

  27. antarctic circle, what about “entertain me.”

  28. @Antartic Circle – I think the t-shirt in question actually says “Entertain Me”. I want it.

  29. damn my opening several tabs and missing other people posting answers!

  30. Ah, of course… thanks dpro309 and sef! I want it too!

  31. @Antarctic Circle: I love the irony!!!! Good work 😉

  32. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    My brother has a t-shirt that says ‘I Came On Eileen’. Simple but effective… you’ll never be able to dance to it at a wedding again.

    That first guy is the kind of a guy who would dress his baby in a babygro saying ‘all Daddy wanted was a blowjob’. Pretty funny, but no one can ever quite get away with it. I don’t have the balls to put any future kids of mine in it.

  33. t shirt guy is clearly a moron.

    the answer to this fairly straightforward sum is 17.223.
    which – in terms of volume – indicates the approximate vaginal cavity left unoccupied through a woeful inadequacy in penis mass.

  34. omg why does no one know that that shirt is from My Best Friend’s Girl?? go rent it!

  35. ^ That’s exactly the reason why it’s stupid.

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