Tuesday, December 22, 2009

More Christmas Cheer




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  1. teehee

  2. Wtf?? Mark posted this himself?? What a Jaffa!!

  3. lol, IMOHO he did not bang the sister, hence his creepy fixation on seeing her again. If he had already nailed her he would not be so desperate/anxious to hook up.

  4. Pretty sad Mark feels a need to advertise that someone thinks he may have had sex.

  5. Definitely lame.

    Also.. I wonder what infection Whitney has?? I am intrigued

  6. seen this before – http://www.collegehumor.com/article:1794781

    they obviously re-enacted it for christmas and submitted it themselves.

  7. Damn, that is lame of them.

  8. If you have ever typed the word “infection” on Facebook, unless the sentence was “stop posting about your infection on Facebook”, you are doing it wrong.

  9. Ok, the first one should be taken off Lamebook immediately!

    The 2nd one is hilarious. What an ignorant basterd.

  10. Wow, good work #6.

    I was going to comment on how weird/lame Mark was for sending this in himself, since he looks like a total jerk off. But now knowing that they just reproduced an existing FB exchange is just so far beyond lame that the word “lame” is almost rendered obsolete. Merry Lameness, Mark.

  11. Mark will never fuck anyone’s sister. Ever.

  12. Um, the first one was on collegehumor a couple weeks ago w/ two guys’ names. I reckon there’s a lot of recylcing going on with the “classics”.

  13. Mark – Douche.

    If you’re going to submit a fake entry, at least make it original. Copying something else word for word is just pathetic.

  14. Mark, if you’re reading this, you are the definition of lame.

  15. I HATE when I come on this site and see everything I saw on collegehumor 2 months ago. Seriously, why do people submit them? Does it make you FEEL GOOD?

  16. When people send in stuff they’ve done themselves it’s NEVER funny, totally lame.
    Like when people put their own quotes in their facebook “quotes” section, no you are not funny…

  17. Man I cant wait until lamebook starts posting the fake ones with Peach and Mario, etc…

    At least this place is more fun than facebookfails. 😛

  18. Andrew, it is OK. Heather has baked all the jews, so Christmas still gets celebrated in most places outside of Tel Aviv.

  19. This is just pathetic. If you’re going to post a fake just post the damn fake, don’t go and re-enact it and then post that. What’s wrong with you, Mark (not me, btw…)?

  20. Also, andrew is frodo.

  21. Wow. that’s really long. So long I didn’t even start it.

  22. @Marc:

    No bother, it was just some cretin going on about how he wanted to bed the girl’s sister, presuming, that was the only reason why he wanted to go to her house for Christmas? +He sent it into lamebook and this was apparently re-enacted…I guess?

  23. That’s disappointing its fake…

  24. Are people forgetting that Sarah was involved in this as well? As far as I’m concerned, they’re both douche-bags.

  25. LMFAO!!! I could care less if Mark posted this, or if this is fake. It is fucking hilarious!

    Excuse my ill knowledge, but are there alot of Jewish people in Los Angeles?

  26. Hailstorm is right.

  27. @tamedshrew pretty sure Andrew is joking.

  28. Lambeook is seriously becoming lame for CONSTANTLY, lately, falling for fake posts like Mark & Sarah’s. It’s happening with more and more frequency, and it’s effing embarrassing.

  29. What’s embarrassing is people like you who care so much about ‘fake’ submissions. By which, of course, you mean those that have been made funny deliberately as opposed to accidentally.

  30. It’s funny because since Mark submitted it he probably came on here wanting to see everyone laugh at how awesome and hilarious he is, when really he’s just lame.

  31. Is there a Jew infestation in LA? I’m asking because I am not from America.

  32. no lie, I live in LA and we have a pretty good Jewish population here

  33. Ok then I don’t understand Andrew’s joke.

  34. Christ on a cracker

    This Andrew dude is totally wrong, he better get his shit straight. Everyone knows all the jews are in New York.

  35. LMFAO @ Christ on a cracker. Mucho Jews here too though.

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