Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Wrong Bottle



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  1. @ Insane: Awwww man. I guess I better go sit in the corner and think about what I did.

  2. @Me: Yes you had better do so, while I am in the other corner crying my eyes out sniff…sniff…

  3. @Insane dont you have a collection of crusty socks laying around to dry your eyes with?

  4. Btw Insane: Why not make a crusty sock and get in a better mood. 🙂

  5. @Me: Now that I am finished crying like the little bitch I am, no I do not have a collection of crusty socks I can dry my eyes with. Rather crusty Tissues. But it is the same thing I guess. I can make more crusty tissues I guess. I will have to look at the Nazi picture for some inspiration ;). Care to hold my hand?

  6. I would but the last time I looked at that horror I had to steal my sons teddy bear to help me sleep. Mr.Fuzzy bottom helped keep the nazi boogies away. 🙂

  7. It figures. No one wearing an ‘Ecko Red’ shirt would ever be a good father.

  8. @robynnn LOL! I noticed that too. Forget about the beer bottles. The t-shirt alone proves our point.

  9. @Me: After reading that I could not expect you to resit that horror. Peace be with you and Mr. Fuzzy bottom!

  10. @ Insane: good luck man. You are a far braver soul then I.

  11. worst_episode_ever

    i know he’s not REALLY feeding her beer but i still hate people who do this for some reason

  12. worst_episode_ever

    pretending to give your baby beer is totally lame

  13. Who said anything about pretending?

  14. How fucking lame is this? not funny, you just look like an asshole and a bad parent to boot

  15. theycallmecheeze

    my dad would do this kind of thing when my siblings and i fell asleep in our high chairs, putting empty beer bottles and cans around us, sunglasses on us, empty packs of cigarettes around us, and even once made it look like one of us became an hero with a dart gun. as adults, we all still find it really funny and cute. HOWEVER, my parents didn’t show off the pictures, because they knew other people would freak over it. but if the parents are the kind of people who post this shit on facebook for everyone to see, their friends probably all know they’re crappy parents anyway.

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