Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Private InvestigatWHORE


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  1. @John

    Yeah, I thought his wife Julie hacked his shit and posted that…

  2. What Delhi are we all talking about here .. lol

  3. Julies just soooo close to having all the words she needs to be coherent. Then I could fully applaud her.

  4. i’ve got this insane vision of a firm of Indian P.I.s furtively watching people eat.

  5. My uncle’s name is Steve, and my Aunt’s name is Julie….

    They were going to get a divorce.
    Oh sweet Jesus.

  6. HAHAHA this post is gold – the relationship should have ended when she needed a private investigator to follow the husband who she obviously mistrusted so much

  7. @ Nugget

    Maybe she just suspected something might be up.
    You don’t divorce your husband because you suspect something. It’s not like breaking up with your boyfriend of three weeks, come on, for fuck’s sake.

  8. 240 pages of lamebook and this is what makes me wanna comment. The guy’s got low standards if he screwed around in India of all places. He Should’ve just stuck to his own country if he really wanted hookers.

  9. I’m confused, so Julie is divorcing Steve because he was eating cake with a prostitute? Seems a bit harsh to me whores gotta eat too and how many dudes you think are nice enough to actually treat them to some cake.

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