Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Feel the Heat

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  1. Those were fucking terrible. Women in the kitchen jokes? Are we really 14 again?

  2. Fakkkkkkkkkkkke!

  3. Phelan sounds mad

  4. People like Phelan are as bad as the people he’s talking about.

  5. “Misquoting”? Right.

  6. #4.

    Totally. Except for the part where Phelan isn’t trying to pass laws to limit people’s ability to get married based on selective reading of the Bible and/or prejudice toward gays and lesbians. Otherwise, totally the same thing.

  7. Oh Phelan, so young and naive. (s)he will soon realize that bigots come in all ages. Just as stupid breeds stupid, crazy religious nutjobs breed crazy religious nutjobs.

  8. I don’t get the black cabbage patch kid one?

  9. I too await that robot. Mostly because my gay robot really needs to get a lover. It is so sad to see it moping around the house, quilting frilly curtains.

  10. Phelan is stupid I bet he’s gay. Why do gay pwople have to get married anyway, marriage is a religious thing if they want to go to hell fine, but don’t try to desecrate a facet of religion!!!!

  11. laugh.out.loud

    Silly turtlehead, that’s not a black cabbage patch kid, that’s Precious!

  12. God called me the other day and told me he’s cool with gays. It’s just the fags like Evilcow he’s got a problem with.

  13. Evilcow, you’re terrible at this.

    Ha, black cabbage patch kid! Am I going to get yelled at for saying that Precious looks like she has some congenital issues? In addition to being fat, of course.

  14. #6… Right on.

  15. Someone who says that gay marriage is wrong because the Bible tells them is not a religious person, they are a bigot who is using the Bible to support their own prejudices. Phelan is also a bigot. Therefore #4 is correct.

  16. BeboStunnah2kai12

    Ah jaysus evilcow.


    Bonus points for spelling everything right but mis-spelling people.

  17. Poor cock-hungry,ignorant evilcow – not to worry, someday you will have one to suck on – chin up!

  18. Funny how americans bitch about gas prices. I’d blow a group of homeless men, if i could fill up my tank with 70 bucks. I’d have to pay 140€ (about 180$) to fill up my tank, and it’s only a normal sized gas tank.

  19. Fucken hell, Jiusonium, you should write to your politicians and ask them to step up the war effort. Oil-rich nations FTW!

  20. That girl is like really ugly!! She loom more like
    Gollum than my precious lol……..

  21. BorderlineDane

    I want a gay robot. that would be so AWESOME

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