Wednesday, May 9, 2012

F*ck Yeah Finals

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  1. beatusmongous

    Until it gets graded.

  2. Not awesome, Bill is.

  3. Fake. Such an easy question wouldnt be ob a final.

  4. ob a final? Whatever T1000. Burger King is better than McDonalds.

  5. T1000’s superb eye of recognizing what is actually true in this fake-filled world makes my heart going. T1000… You might not know this but I read all your comments. They speak to me. I feel blessed to have the privilege of reading them. Your intelligence knocks everyone back. No one talks back to you, common people simply feel inferior. Your poetic heart bursts out in every comment; yelling out “Fake!, FAKE!”. But we, your loyal readers, understand your real pain. You take shelter, hide, and cover behind truly fake things by declaring them fake, but we know the true you. We all chant together; “Come out, T1000! Come out of the closet!”.

  6. Head, incorrect. I am currently in an office, not a closet. I dont know how you presume to know where I am.

  7. Denying your knowledge of your cramped, metaphoric closet will only cause you more pain.

  8. If the closet is a metaphor, what is it for?

  9. I expect more from you, T1000. How can you insult your readers like this? You, if anyone, should realize what the closet means. I know this because you did not say the closet was fake, you know it exists, you know it’s true.
    I suggest you go off, take some time, and answer your own question.

  10. the first and then its funny when i did and seen ontime on lameBook. i <3 this site ans come to laf.

  11. Head, the closet is fake. MantaRay, so are you.

  12. why dos T1000 are mean??

  13. T1000, you’re a disgrace to all trolls. You’re absolutely awful at it. I’ll take your lame surrender as a win. Hopefully, by the next post, you have expanded some of your vocabulary and arguments. Even trolls need updates on their “catch-phrases”.

  14. Head, i am not a troll.

  15. No, t1000, you’re just annoying.

  16. No, Laila, you’re just fake.

  17. I’m guessing your boss is probably wondering why your productivity is at an all time low. I guess he’ll never guess the sad extend of your troll existence.

  18. My boss is a computer system from the future.

  19. ^Good one. By the way, the dickwad in the post is irritating as hell.

  20. laugh.out.loud


    Give me a beat YO…… “Take it off the rack, if it’s whack put it back. I like the whopper, fuck the big mac!”

  21. MantaRay, have you ever considered writing a book? Two short lines from you are not enough.

  22. Bill has a plenty of credulous friends – for now. Someday they’ll work out that every tale he told, every self agrandissement, was a shallow lie. And what good will all his ‘likes’ serve him then? I foresee an unhappy marriage, jobs lost through drink, and a gambling habit that loses him his house, family and self-respect. Alone and penniless, he dies of pneumonia in a cardboard box under the overpass. Not so funny now, is it Bill?
    Or he makes a fortune in car sales.

  23. ^the cardboard box scenario would at least be less shameful than car sales.

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