Wednesday, May 9, 2012

This Mathic Moment

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  1. beatusmongous

    Here’s an equation for you:

  2. Why would this guy put that he’s a virgin on facebook?

  3. Aw man, after that comment the chicks are going to crowd around him….. for batteries

  4. aren’t most calculators dual power? solar powered. he must have a dinosaur or it’s fake.

  5. Ever used a graphing calculator before, turtlehead? They require batteries.

  6. Mine runs on a fission reactor. This immense power gives me the ability to add numbers that consist of up to three numbers.
    Yeah, I’m a badass.

  7. I like lines!

  8. This is fake. As turtlehead said, calculators are solar powered.

  9. idont get this 1???????????/?

  10. MantaRay, stfu. you have bad grammar, so unless you’re a troll, sit there and look “pretty”

  11. I like a guy that’s man enough to joke about his virginity.

  12. Oh, and fuck you Beatus!

  13. Anyone who’s man enough to laugh at themselves is hilarious in my book. So long as they don’t refer to it as an ‘awkward moment’ – then it just becomes a self obsessed rant that nobody cares about.

    And jesus fucking christ people, there’s more than one brand of calculator out there. I’m sure there’s at least one that relies only on batteries. That’s the information I’m giving you, do with it what you will.

  14. beatusmongous

    Fuck you, too, Frankenstein!

  15. I just helped both of them with two sets of batteries.

  16. Mrsbeatusmongous


  17. silly

  18. The saddest moment of her life is when the batteries on her calculator runs out? Imagine how she’d feel if it was her vibrator.

    Who wrecked the comments this time?

  19. beatus did. It’s ALWAYS beatus.

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