Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Feeling Stupid

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  1. Because years were not invented until 1/1/0.

  2. velocirrober, you gotta be kidding me, ROFL, (feeling stupid yet?)

  3. Idiots, Idiots everywhere…just wait and see how many post on here how old the world actually is.

  4. PuroMex, what are you, 12?

  5. I feel stupid every day when I wake up and think, “Why am I still working here?”

  6. TheGreatAndAbhorrentCthulhu

    beatusmongous, you could stop sleeping at work, maybe?

  7. velocirrober, eleven, actually. You gotta stop this. LOL.

  8. PuroMex, everyone knows Jesus invented years, as he was coming out of the womb, on 1/1/0. While the three wise men ate the 12 grapes and Mary drank a mimosa.

  9. Just FYI, humans have had ways of marking time way earlier than the year “0” of our calendar (i.e. Romans, Egyptians, Mayans). So, yes, it is stupid to say that years were invented on 1/1/0. Get it now?

  10. GODAMMIT, you gotta put smilies or something!!! 😀

  11. ^ No shit!

  12. As fake as Fakey McFake of Fake Street.

  13. There wasn’t a 1/1/0 – the ‘Christian’ calendar jumps from 1BC to 1AD.

  14. ^ So the world is actually a year younger than everyone believes? Fascinating!

  15. LOL

  16. beatusmongous

    Cthulhu, these days, I practically live here.

  17. Give it up Velo, your humour is clearly wasted on this newb.

  18. ^ It’s not wasted on the rest of us, though, and the reaction makes it even better.

  19. Dumb fucking Christians!! I swear to Buddha…

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