Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Female Favors

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  1. is this supposed to mean something?

  2. sleptwithghosts

    It’s meant to be taken as a deeper look into the thought process of a woman’s monthly cycle and how it effects her punctuation.

  3. Would the word “Menlo” be a reference to her menstruation?

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  5. It’s referring to her saying she likes decimals, which is a period.

  6. This would only be slightly funny if she had originally posted 2824.5 Menlo. Unless menlo means 1/2 or .5 in a different language?

  7. I’m with Mary Webb on this one, the only one of you cunts I can understand…

  8. HAHA!

    It’s funny because women can’t count!

  9. #2 and flavor. Mustn’t forget that.

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