Wednesday, October 26, 2011


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  1. self-submit no

  2. I don’t even bother to read his rant when it is 14 seconds between the post and the screencap. Lamebook should try to weed out these self-submissions.

  3. I don’t mind self-submission. I mean, comedians are basically self-submitting to comedy clubs. If something is funny then I don’t care where it came from.
    However, this is truly lame in the fullest sense of the word.

  4. That would have been funnier if it was funny. Yawn

  5. Yes, blatant self-submit. No-one could have read the entire post, decided it was hilarious and screen-capped it within 14 seconds of it being posted. If you’re going to self-submit, Mark, at least make it funny?

  6. mad2physicist got it right. It’s ok to self submit,long as it’s funny.

  7. Sorry Mark,if you’re aiming for the funny,i think you missed it.

  8. It WAS funny a few years ago on Neurotically Yours. But it’s distinctly unfunny when you self-submit a rant that you stole from someone else.

    Foamy’s Rant III:

  9. 15 seconds of troll fame,Mark….. lol

  10. That was not funny. In fact, that person needs some sort of brain doctor. I would only do all that disgusting torture for cheez-whiz.

  11. Wow that’s pretty much word for word one of Foamy the Squirrel’s rants.

  12. It’s word for word a George Carlin bit. Literally.

  13. No, wait, it just reminds me of some…

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