Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Owned by Mom

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  1. Ben

    Also let me guess, his last name is Fox? Gj censoring

  2. you beat me to it, combat. Sensoring fail.

    Also, the mom needs a few lessons on grammar.

  3. To work out Conner’s surname please do the following:

    -Notice his PSN account name “Confox”, “Con” is abbreviated for Conner and “fox” therefore has a good chance of being his surname.

    -Notice Conner’s blurred out surname, his name seems only three characters long. By putting one and two together we can decipher this perplexing code to reveal that Conner’s surname is: ***

  4. Jo Fox is a fucktard.

  5. Fox retard slapped down for being abusive and spreading hate.

    There is a Fox news joke here somewhere.

    Operation Fox Hunt – Nov. 5th

  6. What’s operation Fox Hunt? I hope it involves hunting down Murdochs and their associates and killing them with extreme prejudice, but I fear it probably involves something less violent and more legal.

    Also, I hate it when people misuse ‘no’ and ‘know.’

  7. Sexual Harassment Panda wants to play

  8. fuck Connors mum. what a cunt.

  9. Looks like dragon74 has a small willy!

  10. mad2physicist.. have a wee look-see at outfoxed dot org
    It’ll do ya proud.

  11. hehehe, awkward lol, hehehe

  12. Why do those two friends keep putting kisses at the end of their facebook comments to each other? Is that normal? Do guys do that now?

    I missed the memo.

    k, peaceout everyone xxx

    ps, lol

  13. @gonzo: That’s a fairly normal thing in the UK, even amongst guys.


  14. @gonzo, further to angbabie’s comment – Only the gay ones. Straight men do not put kisses on their comments to each other. That would be gay.

    However, the kiss thing is MENTAL – people do it on statuses. “Going to have a bath and then get dressed xxx”, “Oh no I spilled coffee on my laptop! xxx” “Loading the dishwasher xxx”. It needs to be stopped.

    Also I fail at life – my username has a typo in.

  15. @angbaby

    I’m from the UK and I haven’t snogged another guy since University, as far as I can remember, or kissed them on their facebooks.

    Text messages, however- everything’s fair game then. (No homo).

  16. g1rltypeth1ing…
    ‘A’ typo? how on earth can one tell?

  17. @gonzo and girltypething: I would disagree if there’s a bromance going on between (heterosexual) guys. I will agree it’s more common amongst gay men, but my husband and his childhood friends may well put a kiss at the end of a facebook comment.

    Also, I agree with you, girltypething, about the kisses at the end of status updates. It’s right up there with putting “lol” at the end of everything. It must stop.

    “Walking the dog in the rain lol x”

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