Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fired… Like a boss

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  1. Definitely do not promote this post.

  2. I don’t believe this; what moron would post a status about hating their boss, without knowing that their boss and others would be able to read it?

    In other words, FAKE.

  3. ^^we know.

  4. I feel like I just got kicked in the yam bag.

  5. Indian standard time? Really guys??? Really?

  6. sleptwithghosts

    Seeing as how people care more about having a high friend count on fb without caring who they actually add then I can believe things like this happen.

  7. ^ this is true..but my dumbass would know if my boss was 1 of em

  8. ^ Would your dumbass know if he was a friend-of-a-friend? Check your privacy settings!

  9. Perhaps I’m reading a bit too much into this one, but I think the person meant to say, “prude,” and I have a feeling the person is a she that tried to seduce her boss. This makes the story a bit more exciting, if nothing else.

  10. sleptwithghosts

    A sultry workplace Facebook romance. I’ll pass.

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  12. Yeah, fake.

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