Friday, November 9, 2012


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  1. Damn. That’s hot.

  2. sack up and fight the power nancy

    what a stupid thing to ask them now “where’s the fire”. such an epic way to find out what’s really goin on, and that’s all you come up with? shame on you

  3. 9 months later, T2000 was born.

  4. What a bitch. No wonder they had fuck all respect for her.

  5. Doesn’t make sense. Fake.

  6. Incorrect. I was produced in the year 2032.

  7. sack up and fight the power nancy

    he probably wasn’t gettin any from this girl anyway. firedick is better than dry dick

  8. Would you not notice the wrapper had been opened?

  9. necrophiliac64258

    ^Read again, you have one more chance to remove that dipshit status you have at the moment.

  10. devoyage are you fucking kidding? “The box was already opened so I poked a hole in the wrapper of each one”

  11. @ Frank and Sack: I am so fascinated how it is always the woman’s fault if her guy cheats on her… and how upset men become at the thought that a man would actually at times suffer something bad from getting caught cheating. :O
    Fair is fair, girls- remember, if a woman cheats on her guy it is likely because he isn’t well equipped enough to keep her satisfied in bed, or does not bring home enough money(if we are going to stick to oldfashioned rules, let us stick to “the guy being the sole provider” as well..) and then, remember- she just HAD TO cheat on him, and is not to suffer any consequences from it…
    Whatever happened to actually being true to the one you are with and honest enough to leave before starting up with the next one? 😛

  12. ^Shut up. I thought humanity was going to be destroyed by skynet, but you and your idiocy will beat me to it.

  13. Well excuuuuse me for skim reading. Bitches.

  14. Skim reading & silence > skim reading and skim commenting.

  15. Wow, I think that might be my thumbs down record..

    twisted, I just meant she was a bitch for punishing the ‘other woman’ along with her bastard husband. For all she knew, the other woman had no clue the bloke was married. Did ya have a good rant, though?

  16. ^True

  17. @frankenstein… “my best friend” …

  18. I think what makes this lame is obviously it is fake. If she poked holes and soaked them for an hour they would be wet, probably sticky, orange, and smell like habanero peppers. She could achieve the desired effect by soaking the rubbers without pricking holes. The residue is powerful enough it would transfer to the adulterer’s hands, his junk, and possibly his lover… Or she could do what i would do if i ever caught my husband cheating; pay a homeless person to take a dump on the front seat of his truck. Nothing says fuck you like a big ol’pile of hobo crap. 🙂

  19. Habanero juice isn’t orange.

  20. ^Also true

  21. STUBBY yes “best friend” but she says “I had a feeling” meaning she didn’t know yet. It wasn’t until her “best friend” called her that she found out the truth

  22. Herro

  23. it’s lame because passive aggressive people suck dogs balls

  24. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    He might just have been enjoying a posh wank.

  25. Clever

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