Monday, November 6, 2017

Flagship Ikea

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  1. Go to know we’re in a “time of peace”.

  2. Yeah man, this war with Sweden has been pretty stressful.

  3. Oh, in times of peace with Sweden. Remember the times when we used to hang the Afgan, Iraqi and North Korean flag? Me neither.

  4. Do you SEE the flags of Afghan, Iraqi or North Korea here? Me neither. Also, the last time the U.S. declared war on another country was Japan in 1941. The US never declared war on Korea, Vietnam, the Persian Gulf, Afghanistan or Iraq. These were considered ‘military engagements.’ Read a history book, sparky.

  5. We’ll be at war with Sweden soon enough, given how fast their Rapefugee Islamification Program is going atm.

  6. ASSoonernurse.

    Sounds like you like showing off your Master’s in History, now fix me a latte.

  7. I didn’t even KNOW it was possible to declare war on a gulf.

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