Thursday, January 27, 2011

Take Another Stab at It…

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  1. STEVER!

  2. I would have ‘liked’ that status, he’s clearly an asshole.

  3. Hello

    lamebook still wank shocker.


    PS I have a picture of a goat licking, what looks like, my ball-sack, if there were only a website I could post it on, hmmmm.

  4. The last time I was stabbed in the back, I was walking like John fucking Wayne for a week afterwards.

    I was shanked by a pork sword.

  5. P.A. – I knew it was one of you two eejits. 50/50 and I pick the wrong one. Story of my life.

  6. Stab em back Jeffrey. Then get spell check.

  7. @Hawkbit- He doesn’t need spell check… he needs a brain. Using spell check on that sentence would be like trying to fix the ‘there’ ‘they’re’ ‘their’ problem. They’re all actual words, people just use them incorrectly.

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