Wednesday, January 26, 2011

All in the Family

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  1. ‘this game is so cuntin’ awesome’

  2. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    That first family is weird. I’m trying to piece the family tree together but I don’t know where Tiffany fits. Daughter or sister?

  3. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Also, a wedding that begins in the crapper …

  4. Not only does that proposal involve public restrooms, but playing on a playground. I don’t see this marriage lasting much longer than the Subway sandwiches I’m sure they’ll buy to cater the happy event.

  5. my initial thought, dukey, was that tiffany is a cousin? OR cathy is old, senile, and batshit crazy…

  6. (tiffany being susie’s daughter)

  7. Doesn’t a scenario where you go to a playground and pull it out normally end up with being arrested & having the neighbourhood gather in a mob to drive you out of your home???

  8. He got down on one knee and pulled what out, Brittany? You’re not very clear. I know what I’ve seen guys pull out in playgrounds, is all I’m saying.

  9. naw, america is much more tolerant of their pedos.

  10. (PS…Supposedly it’s Australia Day? I’m not sure if this is another one of those appreciation holidays that we made up to deny/unintentionally confirm our own wretched ethnocentricity, or if this is a world-recognized day for the Aussies, but MERRY AUSTRALIA DAY to all of you out in lamebook land, oceans away… but close to our hearts.)

  11. Hell Yeah it’s Australia Day! Well it was yesterday for us, but it’s on the date of January 26th. And it is a ‘world-recognized’ Public Holiday. It’s a big day for us to celebrate our national pride, mostly by covering ourselves in Australian flags, having BBQ’s, going to the beach, playing cricket, listening to Triple J’s hottest 100, and getting riotously drunk. And occasionally just riotous. But not too often. It’s awesome 😀

  12. I belatedly drink to you, then

    I didn’t really need a reason, but hey, now I have one…

  13. excellent! thank you for the confirmation. cheers!

  14. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    What are we drinking to? I already started hope you don’t mind.

  15. Carrie=Win

  16. Oh, Susie… that’s like asking for a grenade in the mouth. Don’t post stuff like that when your family is less likely to be found at church or the library, and more like to be be found on the Jerry Springer show.


  18. Lamebook is just a cheap blog

  19. Hey now Brittany didn’t say anything about the public toilets. So maybe he went in the bushes. They definitely seem mature enough to get engaged.

    Oh and “this game is so FUCKING CLASS?” I’m not a huge fan of awesome myself.

  20. Thanks a fucking lot Susie! I tried your advice and posted that cunting status update asking how people had met me…

    ‘You Rohypnoled me in a nightclub’, ‘You chloroformed me on the street before throwing me into the back of a van’ and ‘Please let me go, please. It burns’ were the three most popular answers.

    Mind you I only have three friends on Facefuck, so it may have worked better if I had more.

  21. Haha I found you – you’re on Twitter. Poor Mofo, all alone over there. Want a follower?

  22. Twitter is the most infuriating form of communication I have ever come across, but in an effort to roll with the times, I came across it at least eight times… I had to buy a new keyboard, that’s where I was yesterday.

    Follow me, curly…follow me.

  23. You need to advertise the fact you’re on there, get some people to join in with the debauchery!

  24. 3 friends on Facebook, none on twitter. I don’t get it – nice chap like yourself.

  25. I’m terrible at advertising, I find it to be a little crass and tasteless to be honest. One as refined and dignified as me can not be seen to be so shamelessly self promoting.

    Instead, i’d like to think that I’m a bit like a modern day version of the Pied Piper, only with date rape drugs instead of magical pipes.

  26. Okay, imamofo you got me laughing again

  27. I beg to differ. You do have a magical pipe. Don’t be so modest

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