Thursday, September 6, 2012

Food Fails

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  1. “saying brown is it”

    ^ What the hell was that supposed to be?

  2. Oh for the love of all that’s holy, please let these both be fakes.

  3. T2000’s mother is fake (when she acts like she’s not a whore).

  4. What do you think he’ll bust when he learns “raisin” is French for “grape?”

  5. Both of these made me laugh. Well done, lamebook. Not that you give a shit if you make me laugh or not.

  6. I went on MsAnneThrope’s computer and looked at her browsing history. She literally checked Lamebook every other page. Obsess much

  7. @6 You’re just asking for a personal attack from him (her?) aren’t you? Cos I’m pretty sure you’re gonna get one. And so am I now, probably. Doesn’t take much.

  8. @7: MissAnneThrope is a loser. If she personally attacks me, I’ll personally attack her back ten times harder. She has no life so I have enough ammo. You act as though you are scared.

  9. They put milk in eggs when making French Toast.

  10. These two fuckers up here ^^ – What the fuck? (not you beatus)
    “Obsess much?” Yeah, commenting on other people who may or may not comment – I definitely would call that a bit obsessive. Fucking hot damn, douche.

    Oh, and by the way (or “BTW” for you teens), these two posts made me want to stop living for the last 1 minute, and then come back to a world without them.

  11. That much stupid must hurt.

  12. @10 Killing yourself takes a backbone, something you obviously do not have.

  13. It’s never me. Or at least, no one knows if it’s me…

  14. @12 I assume you do and you should probably demonstrate your point. Like now. I’ll give you five internets if you do.

  15. I gotta say, all of you make me smile and laugh more than the posts themselves. Yes, even you Beatus.

  16. ^ You don’t know that.

  17. I guess you could say Renata…
    …udderly failed there.

  18. @8: I’m not bothered personally. It was an observation.

    @10: Your username gives a (broken) link to It gives the impression that you’re probably younger than me, mentally if not physically. Therefore, see my comment above.

    The rest of you, it would be nice if you were to stop bitching. All I see when I read this stuff is a bunch of drama queens who are constantly attacking other people with the lowest, nastiest comments they can think of. Except Beatus, somehow he manages to avoid all this and I have yet to work out how. Stay happy, Beatus.

    I’m done ranting now, thanks for reading (if you did).

  19. You’d think someone whose name was so close to ‘rennet’ would know a bit more about dairy products.

  20. blulights is upset I outed her as a cop.

    and itzmongoloid is broken. so very broken.

  21. @10 may or may not comment? She posts in every fucking post dummy. Take your L bitch

  22. ^I guess that must mean you read every post.
    I dunno what’s worse. but probably you, because you’re a creeper.

  23. @18 bluballs: I reckon I am probably NOT younger than you, but I don’t see the point in that anyway. I don’t feel the need to assert my dominance over some internet fuckwit.
    Oh wait, yes I do. I RULE THE INTERWEBZ! BOW TO ME!

    The link was put there on purpose for those of who want to stalk me. Stalker. It’s not a real website. Great detective work, cop.

  24. Weirdo.

  25. Holy shit, bluhevs IS a cop! Not a very competent one, but still…

    Meanwhile, I’m surprised that doesn’t actually exist yet…

  26. ^ bluhevs must be one of Capn’s stalky coppers.

  27. These two posts show why humanity is eventually going to die out. Unless they are sarcastic. Then this is funny.

  28. What kind of brainwashing does the American government do? I’ve seen it on TV before, like those bullshit election speeches, but I didn’t know it could have such a serious effect on peoples mental health.

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