Tuesday, March 27, 2012


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  1. Only if by “never worn” you mean “never ripped off in the heat of passion and cast off to the side like a condom wrapper”.


  3. SantiagoAntonio

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  4. I always took “never worn” to mean that it wasn’t worn to an event, or hasn’t been worn outside. Just trying a dress on doesn’t make it “worn.” Nobody is going to buy a dress without trying it on first

  5. ^Oh dear. Don’t try and bring commonsense and logic here. It always ends badly.

  6. o.k.
    #1. Emily. Fuck. I wish that you are at least half-joking. But I suspect that you are an over-entitled little princess. David is the one who is really at fault here for putting step 1 in his instructions.

    #2. Yes Jorge and Brock. you guize is teh funneh. You two should do a stand-up so I can come and throw incendiary devices at you.

  7. #3. what is that horrible thing Terri’s wearing? She looks like my granny’s toilet (circa 1988).

  8. I think Emily is kidding. Something about the overzealous lighthearted “Yay”

  9. butterscotchcandy

    SantiagoAntonio, your classmate’s ex-wife is a whore.

  10. I’m positive that Emily is NOT kidding. Something about the cosseted existences of the current generation and their tendency to query information on Facebook rather than via a search engine.

  11. I want to know the end of Jason’s joke.

  12. #6 David is not at fault, but you are an idiot if you do not know why step 1 is required. Maybe you thought something like, “Oh, the light bulb is blown. What’s the need to turn off the light?”. Think again.

  13. ^!!!

  14. [squints]…can’t work out if serious?

  15. Yes, ap is being serious… ap doesn’t realise that most of us want Emily to be electrocuted, or at the very least, shocked enough to make her squeal and fall of her stepladder.

  16. So Jase.. How many blonds dose it take?

  17. *off

  18. ap should drink bleach.

  19. 12. fucking classic. I am a little disappointed bacchante took the time to explain to ap. when idiots call smart people idiots I run for the popcorn.

  20. Yeah, sorry. I realise that I could have left that open for some tears and drama…

  21. I think she was referring to the proverbial light above her head.

  22. ap’s Xtreme Power Ignorance kinda threw me sideways for sec and I almost forgot to say how much I enjoy a good blond(sic) joke laced with spelling fuck-ups. Thanks jason!

  23. The last photo reminds me of my wedding day with my eleventh wife… she got dressed up as a fucking piss wet through bog roll too.

  24. #12, #13 and #14 are possibly my favourite comments on Lamebook. Ever. Absolutely superb.

    “Think again.”

  25. Did no one notice that he said unscrew clockwise and then screw in clockwise again?? Honestly people, I’m pissed off my brain and I still saw it! wtf? Would have been good otherwise!

  26. @SOuldancer…I think you forgot the word ” counter”, that makes it correct

  27. if anyone mentally screwed-and-unscrewed a lightbulb after reading SoulDancer’s comment, you are far too easily-led and you should question authority more. If you mimed the hand-motion whilst doing it, just take the blue pill and fuck off – I can’t use you.

  28. Ah well, it was a good try

  29. #12, I think my reaction was almost identical to msanne’s. At first, I was in shock from the pure stupidity in it, my mouth actually fell open in amazement. i think msanne’s #13 comment represents this very well. Then I thought, ‘no, couldn’t be serious’, and read again, as represented by msanne’s comment #14!

  30. *of it

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