Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Picture This!

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  1. People are dumb. I love it!

  2. Maybe they are two gay men, or two lesbians… It looks like they won’t fit together, but they will…

  3. Women drivers…

  4. Oh, look! A bunch of Volkswagens.

  5. If you think the red one’s a Volkswagen, you’re blind.

  6. Fine, you got me. It’s an Audi.

  7. it’s a porsche 928, a coop between VW and porsche. it has a VW engine amongst other parts..

  8. Blocked in? I could back a Kenworth Truck through that gap.

  9. Red Porsche 944.

  10. SantiagoAntonio

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  11. Luke, it’s a 944. Not as many VW parts as the 924 and 928, and built in the Audi factory. It’s also not as rare as the 928, and in my opinion, the 928 is better looking.

    However, Porsche, VW, and Audi are pretty heavily integrated, and Porsche pretty much started VW. Since they are have such an intertwined relationship, I like to lump them all together and say they’re all VWs. It’s funny, and it makes for good trolling.

  12. Damn, I guess there aren’t very many South Africans on here. Those plates are from the Eastern Cape province over here.

  13. ^ There are more than you think, SoulShatter. I’m not one, but I’ve seen a few around here. It’s a pretty international crowd here, which is really cool.

  14. The jigsaw tattoo pic is quite ironic really as neither of the two involved could spot the mistake before they went ahead and did it, thus probably making them both dumb enough for each other.

  15. why tattoos? why not razor cuts?
    this is just another huge fucking disappointment.

  16. ^You said it

  17. They look like Eskimo renderings of Polar Bears … with hearts on their asses.

  18. Oh how we (you all) love jumping to conclusions. You see anyone with eyes can tell that those pieces don’t go together, so everyone just ASSUMES that the couple must be retarded, and not in a good way. Instead of coming to the perfectly logical conclusion that only the wrists get the top-left and bottom-right pieces, because all the other pieces are tattooed in various nether regions of the bodies and only by dismembering both people can you truly see the big picture. (no pun intended except that little one was actually intended but it really isn’t as clever as I wanted it to be so if you liked the pun then it was intended but if you didn’t, you know what? fuck off! what gives you the right to judge me?) It’s kinda like a ’till death do us part metaphor-tattoo.

  19. sisqi, jesus, that’s fucking sick dude. What kind of crass butcher are you? Why would you dismember a pair of perfectly good lesbians? You only need to skin them…

  20. Oooo they got the tattoos done right on their soft inner wrists… I bet that was jig-sore.

    Fuck you all.

    I once saw a number plate that described what i wanted from life… 2CH NAN5

  21. Why, thank you, lmamofo. I appreciate the lovely wish. In fact, fuck you, too, lmamofo.

  22. MsAnneThrope, thank you for your considerate tips on assembling lesbian skinsaw puzzles. While I can certainly appreciate the irony of having a love seat made from lesbians, the LGBT has stated numerous times that skinning lesbians is still “frowned upon” in some states. They don’t seem to mind if you kill one now and then though, ’cause as LGBT president ‘MIKE’ so thoughtfully stated, “that’s just more pie for me.” I know what you’re going to say, “Sisqi why don’t you just move to Kentucky where they don’t write so there aren’t any laws, LOL!” This is an excellent point that I made up for you, but A)Kentucky smells like possum. 2)HOLY HALIBUT have you ever tried to skin a Kentucky lesbian?!?

  23. No. I have never tried to skin a Kentucky lesbian.
    But I think I see your problem. See, you’ve been talking to Mike too much. The LGBT is passé. The LGBTQ is a much more accepting community with less rigidly-defined social ‘norms’.

  24. You forgot the “Z”.

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