Monday, June 6, 2011

Fortune Telling…

More Facebook food wins here!

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  2. etownegeatgmaildotcom

    stever is gay…it’s a fact

  3. Ok, the fortune cookie one was pretty good. My sister once got one that said “Still hungry? Have another fortune cookie!”

  4. Ceci n'est pas un nom

    I saw a fortune cookie online the other day that said “Don’t listen to the last cookie”.

  5. And the sad thing is is that Leslie actually thinks he/she is funny.

  6. Liked the fortune cookie. Leslie tries to hard to be funny and it isn’t working.

  7. why would an obvious setup post like poo ping even make the site?

  8. well, screw the lamebook legal fund. we need to use that money to get that worker free

  9. I don’t think Leslie is trying to be funny. I think she’s just a nasty ass gross biatch.

  10. The sad thing is this is some poor Chinese slaves cry for help

  11. Stay classy, Leslie.

  12. That forture is older than dirt and thus not funny. Leslie brought the funny, even if it was set up.

  13. Will the kids contain “MSG”

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