Friday, June 26, 2020

Fox A Lot


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  1. So very similar to humans then.

  2. Bent – you sure are one bitter angry woman hater. Every single comment of yours is something negative and attacking towards a woman. Someone must have really screwed you over. You look just as absurd as the woman who hate men and say they’re all the same because they’re attracted to “bad boys” who treat them like dirt. There are decent men and woman out there.

  3. By “every single comment” you mean this one and the ones on that one other thread today, that is literally it. You have a wonderful way with inventing other people’s comments hahaha.

  4. Nope. Wendy Jane is correct. You post something negative every time you comment. I keep waiting to see your manifesto before your inevitable killing spree.

  5. That’s not what she said though is it. She said negative TOWARDS WOMEN. Learn to fucking read.

  6. Actually Bender, Wendy Jane has a point. And you’ve been particularly nasty and misogynistic towards her in the past. You’re a miserable fuck.

  7. Lol typical modern attitude. Say anything negative to a woman, regardless of whether or not it has anything to do with them being a woman, and it’s misogyny. Get a grip you sack of shit.

  8. My theory is that BentBob is just a troll. He says rude, vulgar, and horrible things every time he comments. He KNOWS he’s being that way but no idea why he feels the need to do this. He seems to be a very unpleasant and sad person.

  9. Yeah, I think you’re right. He’s just a sad, emasculated, limp prick. Oh well. No pity from me. But maybe one day, he’ll find the courage to turn off the screen, go outside and pay someone to fuck him.

  10. The Beast Among Us

    Fuck women. Just make sure you get their consent, first.

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