Tuesday, August 7, 2012


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  1. Fake!

  2. The only thing that could make that post better would be for Samuel L. Jackson to read it out loud. In full Jules mode.

  3. Rayannina- I totally read this in Samuel L Jackson’s voice! I love it.

  4. Speaking of Ignorant. No intelligent person will heed the advice of someone who curses so much. What I see here is a very angry person, who is getting even more angry over people speaking their minds.

  5. ^I wonder if anyone /coughMsAnne/ will recognize themselves in that


    Did it work? Just wondering.

  7. Keep fucking that chicken.

  8. I like this guy.

  9. For one, it has absolutely nothing to do with fried chicken, it has to do with a person who happens to own a fried chicken joint. and T1000 I’d love to know why this is fake. You think it is so ridiculous there is no way anyone would post this as their status?

  10. I haven’t had sex with the author of this shitty post. Therefore, it’s indeed fake.

  11. This self-confessed black man seems to have an unusually strong liking for fried chicken. How odd.

    Just wait for KFC to affiliate with the KKK… that’ll really set the cat amongst the pigeons.

  12. Truth brother, that be church fo sho!

  13. Is chick-filla the same as spak-filla?

  14. I have no fucking clue what this guy’s going on about. But major props for the Kenny Powers reference. Fucking love that guy.





  16. how come no one has commented about Max B yet?

  17. Imamofo Tip of the Day:

    Americans, avoid obesity by eating salads… and wanking more.

  18. I do not understand anyone who believes this controversy is about chicken. You have to be real fucking dense to get that message. It’s about the fact that this company has donated over 5 million dollars to groups which are known as hate groups. It would be like finding out that McDonalds donates money to the KKK and people getting angry and boycotting. And then some dumb motherfuckers saying people are getting mad about burgers.

  19. @ nopers: Thank you for educating everyone from other countries who do not know what this is all about. Actually, I mean fuck you for not getting it right, and using the same propaganda that the gays use.

    Actually, they call them “hate groups” in order to put a bigger, albeit untrue, emphasis on their point. The CEO of the company plainly states he doesn’t support gay marriage. He never discriminated against anything or anyone eating there. The company isn’t open on Sundays, because they’re based upon Christian beliefs. And they do very well financially, which is interesting.

    That’s the beauty of this country: religious freedom – you can believe in what you want, or nothing at all (and freedom of speech, and to bear arms, and due process, etc.). It’s completely legal. Eat somewhere else if you don’t like it.

    He supports groups that support traditional marriage, and do not want gay marriage to happen (whether that includes “civil unions” or not is another matter). Currently, on a federal level, gay marriage is not legal. Some states allow it, but that doesn’t mean another state has to. That’s another beauty of our country: you can’t force one state’s laws on another state. That’s how our Republic works – the federal government does NOT get all the power… well, they’re not supposed to.

    But I digress… your comparison of the KKK to groups who support traditional marriage is a fucking fallacy. Go eat rancid ballsacks and die.

  20. ^Fail

  21. @ Nails, and yet, we Nevadans have to adopt many of California’s laws because Californian’s like to come lose their money in Vegas. And try buying a new car that doesn’t meet California’s emissions and safety standards. Those tricky bastards.

  22. Right, beatus; in other words, the country is going to shit because we’ve lost almost all sense of what we were founded upon. I kind of allude to that, but not enough.

    Anywho, are there any more 3rd-world countries with injuns living in them we can take over and expand our borders into? Anything? Preferably something with rich mineral deposits, a shitload of oil and natural gas, and lined on both sides with beaches.

  23. ^ Canada.

  24. #18: Are you seriously comparing Focus on the Family to the KKK? Are you SHITTING me? Besides that ridiculously idiotic comparison, Chick-Fil-A also donates to organizations that benefit communities like Big Brothers, Big Sisters and give their employees scholarships so they can go to college and not have to work in a fast food joint for the duration of their lives. All this Chick-Fil-A hate is stupid, and I for one applaud them for sticking to their beliefs and am disgusted with anyone who bashes Chick-Fil-A for openly disapproving of gay marriage to the point of “boycotting” them while themselves criticizing organizations like Susan G. Komen for the Cure for not donating to companies that disagree with THEIR beliefs.

    TL;DR: stop making a big deal out of f*cking nothing and living lives of outrageous hypocrisy.

  25. NAIL!

  26. ^ Hammer!

  27. People are free to support or to boycott whichever companies they like, for whatever reasons they like, however: bacchantesrally.tumblr.com/post/28892694269

    ‘Nuff said.

  28. no nails. your country is going to shit because you are over-entitled, greedy and unsustainable.
    fucking america is like a delinquent teenager with their parents away on a 400 year cruise.

    and it’s not interesting – at all – that a joint that sells deep-fried obesity is doing well financially in america. it would only be interesting if it were not doing well.

    bootyregrit.tumblr.com/post/29016828965/skullsandkeys-this-is-one-of-the-organizations <- this too, bacchante. this too.

  29. “…fucking america is like a delinquent teenager with their parents away on a 400 year cruise..” i’m not happy with that sentence.
    america is fucking itself.

  30. Oh God, I just read the article by Robert Lopez that apparently inspired Bryan Fischer’s underground railroad idea: thepublicdiscourse.com/2012/08/6065

    What a ridiculous, weak, simpering “man” Robert Lopez has grown into.

    Sure, Robby, that’s your mothers’ fault.

  31. I read quite a bit before my teeth started curling up on themselves, but I’m pretty sure that even if robby’s dad had stuck around (spoiler, he didn’t), he’ (robby) would still be a limp, wet, sad excuse of a man. because of his terribly cloistered childhood, young robby NEVER got see “…traditionally masculine and traditionally feminine social mechanisms…” and this was utterly terrible for the poor, delicate buttercup to cope with.
    robby’s whole spiel seemed to just be how TERRIBLE IT IS TO BE DIFFERENT, OMG YOU GUIZE.

    robby is a cunt.

  32. Whatever else, they don’t do deep-fried like KFC; they make motherfucking good chicken sandwiches, bitches!

    But all that other stuff, too.

    Oh, and Bacchante, you might wanna research that picture you memed a bit more. It’s a well-known fact, reported a thousand times that Christians/religious donate more time and money than folks identifying themselves as secular:

    “The differences in charity between secular and religious people are dramatic. Religious people are 25 percentage points more likely than secularists to donate money (91 percent to 66 percent) and 23 points more likely to volunteer time (67 percent to 44 percent). And, consistent with the findings of other writers, these data show that practicing a religion is more important than the actual religion itself in predicting charitable behavior. For example, among those who attend worship services regularly, 92 percent of Protestants give charitably, compared with 91 percent of Catholics, 91 percent of Jews, and 89 percent from other religions.”

    Find the sources yourself, because I don’t wanna copypasta that much.

  33. ^ Fair enough, Nails, I’ll take your word for it. Though I still assert that those fuckers swarming to Cock-Fil-A are attention-seeking media whores.

    It’s cool though; whichever cholesterol-laden goodies send them to their Maker prematurely are aces with me.

  34. I like the ‘find the sources yourself’ bit. It really gives that pile of random, made-up bullshit a lot more credibility. really, it totally does. would I lie?

  35. god-botherers are more likely to report on their charity. so they can get a big fucking pat on the head from their masters.

    religious people give because they are obedient and they have been told to. that is ALL.

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