Tuesday, May 29, 2012


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  1. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I sense Chris is usually by himself when he is without pants.

  2. who wears pants online?

  3. If this guy ever got naked I fear he’d die

  4. This party sucks.

  5. ^ So does YOUR MOM!

    Those “your mom” jokes aren’t really that funny, are they?

  6. Funnier than the average comment, so keep ’em coming.

  7. I’ll keep your mom cuming.

  8. Yes you will, bitch.

  9. This is fake.

  10. Chris is a nerd.. by editing I assume he’s referring to his AWESOME TIMELINE PHOTOSHOP!

  11. ^ooh I hope so. lameo will be sure to post it, too.
    we fucking love our timelines, we do.

  12. ^You fucking speak for yourself you old hag 😀 and since nobody pointed out the obvious yet, that bore of a fag Chris spelled shitting wrong, apparently, he also named his dick Excalibur.

  13. crustylovelips

    It’s a better name than “pork sword”.

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