Tuesday, May 29, 2012

So Last Weekend…

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  1. jesuschristanlsuperstar

    I have worked in the landscaping business (not cutting grass but creating flower beds, ponds, walls, planting , etc.) and I can say the same thing. There are a lot of interesting people in that business.

    Oh yeah FIRST take that T1000 I have John Connor.



  4. ^well fancy that. You can look like an even bigger douche. Isn’t that absolutely fucking adorable?

  5. jesuschristanlsuperstar

    Even the pedophile Steevers are awesome?

  6. I know, someone’s high.One of us.

  7. it wouldn’t be lamebook without steever

  8. My favorite was the one about not doing much gardening. They were all pretty funny.

  9. this is amazing! i wanna meet this legend!

  10. This is fake.

    Thanks, tr_willk!

  12. Hell, even if this IS fake, I commend this guy on making up some pretty funny shit. No denying it’s pretty golden.

  13. ^So, is your username describing your favorite position for mounting pirates, or are you just super duper stoked after watching 8 Seconds?

  14. Coco peat isn’t just for gardening. You can also use it in composting toilets. You’d think someone who sells it would know that.

  15. @CapnJaques- While my favorite position IS cowgirl, that is not what it means, nor the 8 Seconds thing. Never seen it. I just simply have horses and have used that name forever. Considering I’ll be 25 in about a month, I should probably grow up and use something more “mature.” I’m actually not too concerned about it. I don’t get on here and comment wildly like everyone else. I probably have a total of 3 comments (well, 4 now including this) on this entire site. I actually have a life (not saying YOU don’t. I’m talking about the locals here who post on every goddamn thing and act like they’re the best thing that’s ever happened to the internet….)

  16. ^kinda glad you don’t post more often, you being a boring slag and all…

    and horse meat is fucking delicious.

  17. #15, Thank you for answering my question like an adult. I wouldn’t be too concerned about your username either, but, perhaps, since you’re getting all growed up, but not quite as growed as I, you could change it to CowSlayer714 and flay that dirty fuck EvilCow that I KNOW is lurking around here *somewhere*. OH, hey, listen, I understand about the horses, they’re pretty awesome, I used to help take care of my friends horse and he had a massive dong that would drag the ground, but when bathtime came along and I’d spray it with the hose it get super tiny and suck up inside his sheath, girls used to swoon when I’d ride up to the gas station for some coffee at night, and I’d be like yeah, barebacks pretty fun, try it sometime?, and then they’d be like, yeah man I’ll follow you home, and my god, he pissed, like gallons! omG! Do you like ponis?

  18. The comments and post suck. That is all.

  19. @#17-Dafuq did I just read??

  20. @MsAnne- You’ve proved my point exactly. Thank you 🙂

  21. The Ms. hates ponis, ask her!

  22. #19, Oh, sorry, I would translate and give you the short version, just figured you’d enjoy the long one…anyways, I’m too lazy to do all that, and being a Captain and all, I have important…uhh…umm…duties…to…hmmm…attend to…you know…Captain…uhh…stuff 😛

  23. ^he means have a wank and then cry himself to sleep.

  24. Dafuq? This is a new thing? Oh lord.

  25. Only when I think of you Ms. do my tears run freely 🙂

  26. what’s with all the derpy smilies in here?

  27. It’s a Derp Day Afternoon 😀

  28. MsAnneThrope you might want to jot some of Steve’s jokes down, since you aspire to be funny someday.

  29. 🙂

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