Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Merry Christmas

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  1. Or he’ll just block the wake-up service number after the first call like the poster should have done. What a maroon…

  2. BOOYAH!!!

  3. or he could just change his damn number. the OP sounds like the same kind of person that would call someone a “big fat stupid head” and think they got the best of someone.

  4. OP should have sent the number to Anthony Weiner with a pic of some random hot chick. AW would have handled business.

  5. Or you could just trace his number and call the cops on him. To do that shows how much you really like him, OP.

  6. I love how on lamebook, We critique and scrutinize this post, But in reality, If we saw this on a Facebook post, We would just like it and go about our days.

  7. ^ Speak for yourself, bung fungus. Some of us would actually comment with, “Dude…”

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