Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday Photos

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  1. Poor Matt. He just didn’t have good lighting in his room.

  2. I am convinced that Matt likes sausage more that the girl in the first entry

  3. Is the second one a guy called Amder? That’s unfortunate.

  4. *Amber

  5. The name of the group in the first pic… Awesome! That’s the lamest to me. She’s just a girl with poor taste in clothing. And hopefully no dog…

  6. Whoa Cowboy!

  7. Dildo-g … right? …anyone? … ok

  8. LMAO @ the Cowboy!!!

  9. Nobody told me it was brokeback cowboy day.

  10. hahahaha “brokeback cowboy day”. awesome. 😀

    lovin the dog with the dildo. haha. gross, and weird, yet super funny. and a photo that i’d probably take. 😛

  11. Could be worse I guess, number 2 could be using something other than his hands to prop that hat there…

  12. The worst part about the last one is that it looks like the kids found the photo and decorated it to be nice, having no idea that the dog has a suction-cupped dick in his mouth.

  13. @Noodle – surely that would be better, not worse?

  14. Hasn’t that poor dog been through enough without being shamed on Lamebook? You could have at least obscured his identity.

  15. Creeeeepy. Oh except for the cowboy in the mom’s room. Hot.

  16. The first girl has no boobs and a big belly but lots of sausages

    Colour me confused.

  17. lol

  18. And something tells me that she doesn’t qualifie for the sexiest vegetarian add that keeps up appearing on the left of my lamebook screen.

  19. @Pedantrix
    Not for me, that’d be an image that would come back to me everytime I saw a cowboy hat and I’d quite like to never think about/see this guy ever again lol
    And I hope ‘amber’ is a friend or something and not his name…

  20. The first one is at least clever. The rest just haunt my soul.

  21. A real cowboy what have had BOTH hands on the camera.

  22. Lamebrain for the win!!!

    I also laughed way much about that poor dog….he looks almost embarrassed to be caught on camera holding that thing :/

  23. Well Hello There

    What I want to know is… how does Brent know it’s Matt’s mum’s room?!

  24. I like how the second guy apparently has an extra hat just for his penis. Why else would he carry around two like that?

  25. I thought penis’ already had hats.

  26. # 4 – why would you take a photo of your dog with a dildo, frame it (which looks like a 5 yr did) and then post it on FB?

    # 2 & 3 are just all kinds of wrong.

  27. Notice how forlorn that dog looks? It’s because he knows this is only foreplay for the whole “giving the dog a bone” sequence.

  28. dietpillpyramidscheme

    @Soup, well it is only there until the old man comes rolling home..

    – Too obscure?

  29. The Blind Assassin

    I feel sorry for anyone on Matt’s friends list who had to see his bulge in ugly green boxers.

  30. Shit, I’ll keep on lookin’ at those ugly boxers… :heybaby:

  31. @28. I second that notion… *shudders*

  32. Giddy-up Amber!

  33. Man, I’m sick of these ‘My _____ brings all the _______ to the yard’ groups now. Facebook groups really know how to take a vaguely funny joke and beat it into the fucking ground.

    Also, does it look to anyone else like there’s some kind of caption on the photo of the dog? SOmething like ‘No Tyler that’s not yours, LOL!’

  34. I got the dildog picture in an email fwdfwdfwd probably 5 years ago. The heading was “Why you should put your toys away.”

  35. OMFG the dog!

  36. Anna is right… that photo of the dog has been around for a long time (years).

  37. That’s not even Schnitzel, that’s a selection of Wurst. Schnitzel is a pork, veal or turkey steak coverd in breadcrumbs. Fat and culturally-uninformed.

  38. OMG!!! Someone framed that old dog photo? Matt in his mom’s room? I laughed harder at these than I have all night. Too funny.

  39. matt looks like he could be hot, but dude, either lose the boots or put on something that goes with them.

  40. Ha, love how the cowboy’s got the black hat on his head and the white hat on his junk. Just being realistic, I guess 😛

  41. Matt’s busted!!!

  42. I’ll take a bouquet of phallic smallgoods over a lousy bunch of roses any day of the week.
    And I don’t have to put them in water.
    Double bonus!

  43. cheshirephoenix

    welllll how-dy partner!

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