Monday, June 24, 2013

Fun Story???

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  1. // What’s up with starting messages with a // ?

  2. ^ // they thought they were coding in C++ and didn’t intend on anyone reading their comments.

  3. /*Oh duh thanks.
    I didn’t even think of that.
    That’s how i used to comment out code in php back in the day.*/

  4. tl;dr

    anyone else ever get the fighter-pilot looking gas mask to knock you out at the dentist when you were a kid? I wish they still did that for adults! fuck that novocaine in my cheek bullshit

  5. Bulimics or Ice users?

  6. ^ I’m pretty sure most pawnshops wouldn’t allow a crackhead to pop in from time to time to visit their pawned computer and hop on facebook.
    My vote is for bulimic!

  7. Is Isabelle able to sue her dentist, from what just happened? Or is she bluffing?

  8. ^Apparently women often suffer a calcium deficiency after childbirth, so I don’t think she’d be able to sue in that case. Similarly, a drug/diet problem wouldn’t be the dentist’s negligence.
    The most likely cause of her tooth being susceptable to disintegration-by-pliers, would be that she was bitten by Edward and is actually part of the living dead. NOW, you may fear for the dentist’ future.

  9. I got something for both these girls to put in their mouths and numb the pain.

  10. What the hell is wrong with her? I’m sure Allison enjoyed the words of comfort.

  11. ^That’s the joke.

  12. My Uncle Bob was a dentist.. at least I think he was? He was always digging around my mouth with his tool anyway?

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  15. — Speaking of tooth extractions, you should all go on YouTube,
    — search for “gusanos en las encias de un paciente”, and watch
    — the video.

  16. ^ I know what that means, so I will not.

  17. ^ Thank you, Beatus & Google Translate, I won’t be watching it either. Ewww!

  18. no me gusta gusanos.

  19. @jeffreyd – No duh.

  20. Nadie me quiere. Todos me odian. Mejor me como un gusanito.
    Le corto la cabeza y saco lo de adentro y *slurp* que rico gusanitos.

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