Monday, January 27, 2014


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  1. The Beast Among Us

    But Angel’s other bird was a toucan, you cheap bastard.

    Honestly, I hope this is a joke.

  2. Should’ve named him Waffle!! Or STEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVERRRRRRRRRRR!

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  4. The Beast Among Us

    Steeeever, are you telling us that you are a blue waffle?

  5. ^You’re friends mom is probably a cam-whore stripping and fisting herself while many sick perverts, mainly lamebook users, watch while snapping one off into old dirty socks in their parents basements..

  6. ^^^the lame is strong with this one.

  7. Shoulda named it Blue Balls…probably closer to the truth.

  8. ^ that was for the spammers, not The bears I’m guessing
    Not sure how you summised all that Stepheeeen from the scant information from the Nigerian spammers. Either experience, or great imagination with average lexicon.
    The real question is, when will you log in under your pseudonyms?

  9. ^The real answer is..not yet you cocksucker!

  10. The Beast Among Us

    Dude, I don’t judge my friend’s mom, and neither should you.

  11. If you keep buying blue birds, it’s your own fault if you get raped!

  12. Blue…ha ha

  13. I’m a blue bear.

  14. jungle book

  15. I let Stvr’s mom baloo me the other day.

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  18. BorderlineDane

    the next we call green boy even if the bird is yellow and a she……

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