Monday, September 12, 2011

Gandalf Vs. Dumbledore

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  1. First!

  2. Lame

  3. Why does the phrase ‘like a boss’ mean something positive, instead of meaning ‘like an overpaid incompetent moron?’

  4. ^Mcdonalds cashier.

  5. Chris is Frodo.

  6. #3: lrn2LonelyIsland

  7. No, actually, I was basing this statement on the experiences of myself in academia, my wife in administrative work for academia, and the universal experience of mankind…

  8. How the f@ck is my post mentioning @cademi@ and @dministrative work being moderated?

  9. No, @ctu@lly, I w@s b@sing this st@tement on the experiences of myself in @c@demi@, my wife in @dministr@tive work for @c@demi@, @nd the univers@l experience of m@nkind…

  10. as a huge fan of both stories, i feel i must contribute somethin…as anybody who has read the books or seen the platinum extended editions of LOTR knows, gandalf got his shit broken in return of the king by the witch king. dumbledore chose to die at the end, and was too good for horcruxes. as any deathly hallows fan would say, he “went with death as an old freid, and departed this world, as equals.” i’m gonna have to go with a tie on this one.

  11. also, @ the physicist, are you sure you work in academia? because you can’t even find the real “A” key.

  12. I always look forward to lamebook after a weekend but I aint reading all that faggotty Harry potter shit…

  13. @dragon74

    …Lord of the Rings shit. Also it’s probably because you are too busy not getting laid and being a professional douche bag. It’s understandable.

  14. Vanjess, that was due to a weird censoring thing going on.
    Also I cannot let this inaccuracy pass. In the books, Gandalf was never beaten by the witch king. They faced off at the gate to Minas Tirith, and, after halting and refusing to enter (or being unable to), the witch king retreated due to the arrival of Rohan’s army. It is only in the stupid extended edition movies that Gandalf is made into a pu$$y. Stupid movie writers.
    And in the books, Aragorn would never have dishonorably chopped off the Mouth of Sauron’s head. Instead he sat without moving and made him panic.
    The movies wrecked the character of Faramir. The extended movies also wrecked Gandalf and Aragorn.

  15. @captainsnark
    I rest my case…

  16. TLDR

  17. No wonder kids are so pussified now a days, they grew up obsessing over nerdy wimpy shit like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Pokemon. I was born in 1981, we grew up watching cool flicks like Back to the Future and Schwarzenegger movies. I feel sorry for this new generation. They are weak.

  18. @crazydude,

    Obviously you’re unaware that Lord of the Rings is originally a book series, published in 1954. Therefore your ignorance makes me feel sorry for my generation, that has you.

  19. Hahaha. I second that!

  20. ugh, seriously, I am afflicted with something like reverse schadenfreude, where instead of feeling superior when someone humiliates themselves, I feel vicariously embarrassed.

    Unless of course, as I hope is the case, this was just a carefully crafted troll post. In which case I tip my hat to you, random anonymous internet miscreant.

    Also, mad2physicist, in case you really haven’t heard.. http://youtu .be/NisCkxU544c

  21. Crazydude BTTF came out in 1985, so u were 4. Dumb shit.

  22. @dryheat
    The beauty of modern filmography and recording techniques is that movies can be saved to be viewed at a later dater. Dumb fuck.

  23. goddddd, I just love when the comments section is more amusing then the actual post..

  24. @stickfigure

    I think dryheats point was the fact crazydude’s generation didn’t grow up on BTTF any more than any other generation considering the marvel of technology that you just pointed out.

    Also, to crazydude it’s pretty much the same generation…not to mention the fact that saying a fantasy book about magic will ‘pussify’ its readers anymore than a movie that throws basic laws of physics out of the window and disregards quantum mechanic principles. They are both about magic…one just hides it under the guise of science and classic cars.

  25. You guys all missed the point. Back to the Future rapes Harry Potter movies

  26. I think chris forgot to mention that Dumbledore literally inserts penises in his mouth and/or asshole

  27. Well, steppatown, if we’re going to get all ignorant and homophobic, you should probably also remember that the actor who popularized Gandalf is also gay.

    Also, die in a fire.

  28. Back to the Future is possible one of the worst series of movies. That being said, gandalf is pretty much a lesser god and would rape the shit out of dumbledore in a wizard duel. Also, i have a problem with those on here basing their entire argument off of the LOTR movies, as the movies downplayed gandalf’s powers

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