Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Gender Pains

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  1. If you keep posting bullshit on facebook, trying to tell your mom that you loves her, it’s your own fault if you get raped!

  2. Sure giving birth is kinda hard; but try peeing with a boner or stepping on a Lego…

  3. Guess first means something different in Canada. Like second.


  4. Canadians are funny.

  5. Try passing a kidney stone. That shit hurts.

  6. ^ Or taking a dump. That hurts too.

    Also, well done, Mitchell.
    Well done.

  7. Juli J. Robertson

    as Clifford implied I am startled that people able to profit ($)9672 in one month on the computer. see it here… Fb39.COM

  8. That goddamn implicating Clifford…

  9. Hey Mitchell, there’s nothing more that I hate than a know-it-all who know’s nothing. There most certainly IS a unit of measurement for pain.

    The dol (from the Latin word for pain, dolor) is a unit of measurement for pain. James D. Hardy, Herbert G. Wolff, and Helen Goodell of Cornell University proposed the unit based on their studies of pain during the 1940s-1950s. They defined one dol to equal to “just noticeable differences” (jnd’s) in pain.

    Mitchell IS an ass.

  10. So wouldn’t the human body be able to take up to 57 “del” units of pain instead of the 45 that Kelsey mentioned?

  11. Legos and boners-fucking classic! You rule Stever! Hellzzzzz ya crazy fuckers!

  12. I feel 70 del (unit) of pain everytime I read about someone being this stupid

  13. Nice try concernedcitizen. It’s good to see that you can copy and paste from wiki, but you left out the bit where “The unit never came into widespread use and other methods are now used to assess the level of pain experienced by patients.”
    There is a reason why the majority of people have never heard of it. It is never used and was never really adopted, because it is not an accurate scale. It is impossible to measure. It’s great that they had a starting point for one dol, but where does the scale go from there?
    The most commonly used method for assessing pain is “on a scale from 1 to 10”.

  14. You are all a pain in my ass

  15. On a level from one to ten, ten being the worst pain you’ve ever experienced…How much pain are we causing your ass?

  16. Hard to say Capn. However, on a scale of 1 to 10 I’d definitely give Chelsea one.

  17. Kelsey, Chelsea, fuck em all

  18. I don’t even know why doctors use those charts, even the smiley/sad face ones. Pain levels are subjective and completely different for every patient that walks in the door. Your 3 may be my 6, and they don’t even listen anyways. They pass their own judgement and they decide how much pain your in.

    I had an abscess on my face/jaw half the size of a softball last time I went to the E.R. and all they did was hook me up to I/V antibiotics and give me an overpriced Motrin. I ended up with a script for Bactrim DS and lanced the damn thing at home. They kept saying they didn’t want to lance it because they were worried about facial scars, and refused to do it even though I said that was the least of my concernes.

    I was at a steady 6/7 by my standards and they couldn’t give a shit. I even had to do my own blood draws because I got tired of them mutilating my arms for a couple labs and wouldn’t let them stick me anymore…oh, and fuck OP, her name isn’t important…haha…

  19. ^ That’s fucked up.

  20. It is…It’s pretty bad that going to the hospital with no insurance is an almost surefire way to get treated like shit in the United States. You often get stuck in some room for hours and “forgotten about” unless you’re having a heart attack or something, and even then you get sub-par treatment.

  21. Capn, at least your sub-par treatment would still be 10x better than our first class treatment where i’m from. I’d take falling ill in the USA any day over falling ill in this third world mess.

    I used to work with a shipping company once, and one of the sailors had an accident on a vessel we were handling. We put him up in a private room at one of our best private hospitals and this guy told me that we were crazy if we ever got sick and went to get medical attention at one of our hospitals. That shit bothers me till to a day like today and that was more than 8 years ago. Now i’m married and looking to start a family and i keep wondering what the hell i’m going to have to go through when my wife needs proper care, much-less her.

  22. That’s terrible people have to go through shit like this\»that to recieve any kind of half decent treatment/l? I hope when the day comes there aren’t any serious complications for her. Where are you living if you don’t mind me askikki

  23. I live in Guyana. It’s the only English speaking country of South America.

  24. Damn, aside from the twc thing it looks like a very beautiful country. I always like hearing about where people are from on here. At first I didn’t realize how diverse the members on here were, but some of the other posters I like are from places like South Africa, Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, one from the UK, and I think theres another regular from South America, can’t remember who though.

  25. Sorry Capn, I had to laugh at your last post.
    “…places like South Africa, Australia, Tasmania…”
    Tasmania is part of Australia.

  26. Capn, Guyana IS beautiful. But our politicians are fucking us over, inside and out. Guyana is actually part of the Caribbean as well and at one time we were considered the bread basket of the Caribbean. Now, we’re the second poorest nation in the Caribbean, only ahead of Haiti. These motherfuckers just can’t stop stealing. Also, at one point in time we were richer than SINGAPORE!!! Imagine that. Just look at these two countries now.

  27. BorderlineDane

    I just wonder why dudes get hooked up to painmachines to feel how it is to give birth……. mr. Grey is so pleased

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