Wednesday, May 9, 2012


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  1. I just use “Fetzer Valve” in the subject line of any email that I don’t want my SO to read.

    1.) It sounds technical
    2.) No female has ever actually watched “Fletch”

  2. Why must people insist on perpetuating the myth that females don’t like playing computer games or watching sports or watching porn for that matter?
    Racist fucks.

  3. That be sexist, not racist, genius.

  4. Now that the lamebookers have stopped reading, might as well let the spammers back in.

  5. xxnowheregirl

    Thanks for making us look stupid, Frankenstein.

  6. Females aren’t a different race? Why do they look different to men then?

  7. Heck, most girls watch porn as well!

  8. imacrazycajun

    @frankenstein…..Seriously? A LameBook worthy post right here in the comments….LMFAO

  9. ^seriously what? Explain please.

  10. This was stolen word for word from a Men’s Humor tweet today. This site is getting fucking terrible.

  11. I know girls who play games, but most of them say they play them all the time and are proud of how much of a nerd they are, yet don’t know who the “big turtle from Mario” is.

  12. Mario- Those are girls that are just trying to get in your pants and force split custody on you. You need to go somewhere else to meet the genuine ones…

  13. @frankenstein Good troll

  14. Girls seriously watch porn? I don’t believe it.

  15. Thanks Hawkbit, I am pretty proud of that one.
    Evilcow, how old are you?

  16. laugh.out.loud

    @evilcow.. We not only watch it, now we read it. Fifty shades of Grey.

  17. Not bad, frankenstein, though it’s not a truly magnificent troll until you get a series of “I created an account just to tell you that your (sic) a retard / jerk / racist cunt and I hate yoooou” comments.

  18. Yeah I always heard guys watch their porn and girls read it.

  19. @ 18, you still waiting for that day hey? I see your idol is scarce these days, maybe this will be your year *fingers crossed*

  20. Oh, but you’re still here, so I guess EVERYONE wins, hey?
    Fuck off, you little nuff nuff.

  21. Sounds like fun, Bacchante. And it is good to have life goals πŸ™‚ Oh, and ’nuff nuff’, made me lol.

  22. @20 Jy’s erg fu

  23. BeboStunnah2kai12

    Nuff nuff.


  24. Awww that hurt so much :-(…ok really now, stop trying to be such a wannabe internet cliche.

  25. I’ll never understand you sababebeba. Just look at you back here asking to be insulted. Again. You’re like that teenage runaway who wanders into a Hell’s Angels clubhouse and takes her clothes off. willingly.

  26. Manliness: Directly related to the products you buy. Thanks, TV commercials. We have a new generation of douchbags who think life owes them their own beer commercial and complain when they don’t get it.

  27. ^Everyone who chooses to call you out is basically “insulted” in the same manner…being labelled as an idiot, or some elaborate synonym of the word, or called fat.
    Sorry if i get a kick out of it, rather than feel offended or butt hurt like you may put it.

  28. That was directed at Assthrobs over there.

  29. I am female. I like sports. I like video games (though I’m terrible at them). I will watch porn on occasion.

    I also like to read, but only good books. That is why I haven’t read Fifty Shades of Grey.

  30. “Females aren’t a different race? Why do they look different to men then?”

    Okay, someone wasn’t paying attention in health class. Females are a different GENDER than men. We are obviously the same species, otherwise we would not produce fertile offspring.

    Race is some bullshit thing we made up to separate each other based on our ancestry, skin tone, etc.

  31. Oh, honey, I think it’s you who’s not paying attention. Did you read all the comments? Good job, frankie.

    Evilcow, you, on the other hand, have got some work to do to get back on the right trolling track. This attempt? A shocker. You started out so well on the breastfeeding thread. Sucked everyone in (so to speak), but since then, your efforts have been lacklustre. So, lover boy, step it up.

  32. I saw this on Sickipedia about a year ago, when will people come up with new jokes?

  33. Holy fuckballs nowheregirl, you made me spit water all over my keyboard!! Fortunately, it is just my work computer.

  34. Good girls don’t watch porn. Porn is for girls with crabs and other gross STDs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’

  35. I’m an adult woman.
    I’ve played video games my whole life.
    Current gamerscore is just over 55,000.
    I also enjoy watching porn. With or without my husband.

    Just wanted to say we’re out there.

  36. #35 HAS to be trolling. For the love of everything, please let him/her/it be trolling!! I will let someone gouge my eyes out with a spork if that’s an actual tween leaving all these annoying ass comments on every post.

    And on a completely different note, but related to this post….I (a 24yr old female) will admit that I enjoy watching a little porn from time to time. You know damn well most girls do! Not that they’ll admit it…

  37. Frank + wordpervert – Ha, ha. Well, you never know. People really are that fucking stupid.

  38. You obviously were raised without God in your hart <3 but it's okay cuz he loves to forgive πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ pornography is bad because the bible says it is. My nauty parts are for my husbund's eyez only when I met him someday in my future <3

  39. ^*obveusly *pornogrufi *sumday *fucha

  40. No, not hungover. I really must still be drunk.

  41. Lol!!! your funny Frankenstien l know lol πŸ˜€ haha

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