Thursday, January 14, 2010

Get Money, Get Caged




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  1. worst_episode_ever

    EEEEW Money is so dirty!!! this just makes me sick

  2. Not only do 90% of those bills already have drugs on them, that stack is probably drug money too, because please, who else poses their infant child with dirty money to make a statement.

  3. I hate therefore I am

    OK first off I am willing to bet it was the kid who crawled in the cage. I don’t find that horrifying at all. My little cousins play in the dog cage all the time. It “jail” or a “dungeon” or whatever fits into what they are playing.
    Now, the baby money shots? That ish is MESSED up! Way to set your kids up for success. Ladies and gentleman, the strippers of tomorrow. Trained from a young age to love the feel of money in their pants. MAKE IT RAIN!!!!

    Oh and infant ear piercings? TRASHY!!! But oddly fitting in these pics, don’t you think?

  4. @I hate therefore I am

    BABY MONEY SHOTS? hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  5. What a well-rounded society we are: putting our children in dog travel cages, placing money in babies’ pants (like they really understand what in the world that means, and the parents think it’s hilarious and/or “cool” to do). Why not take some of that money and do what normal REAL PARENTS do, and place that money in a SAVINGS ACCOUNT for your childs education, since you, yourself apparently, had NONE.

  6. I guess thats the only what to get rid of a black baby, How sad lmao

  7. Caramel_Princess

    Only black people show off money… wtf are they tring to prove? I mean, I don’t do it. The second one is terrible.

  8. Nothing like cashing a welfare check.

  9. They overpaid for those babies.

  10. Unless it’s during my son’s birthday party where he’s opening presents & finds money, I see no point in photographing him with said money. Maybe that’s just me.

    As for the pet carrier, that doesn’t seem to odd to me. Small children use their imagination a lot and may find something around the house that becomes something new in their mind. How many of us made forts out of the couch cushions or blankets & pillows when we were a child? How many kids love to play in large boxes? I have a pictures somewhere of my son in a cooler when he was two. He thought it was hilarious.

    And I have to agree on the whole piercing children’s ears thing – let them choose to do it. There are still people out there who never wanted to get their ears pierced. I got mine pierced when I was 12 & again when I was 21. It didn’t hurt either time. I sincerely hope that “to differentiate her from being called a boy” wasn’t the deciding factor to some parents, but I’d probably be disappointed if I knew that answer. And I do know people who have gotten their *son’s* ears pierced when he was a baby. That makes even less sense to me. (My son gets comments like “Oh, she’s really cute!” all the time because he has long hair, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to cut it just so everyone knows he’s a boy.)

  11. What is it with black people and money? Ghetto!

  12. Why do people do that??? It’s like, who the fuck thinks that’s cute/classy? Lord knows whoever is taking the picture is going to blow that money on crack

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