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  1. Lulz!!

  2. This is really not too impressive.

  3. The one about confusing a Yacht for a Yak is utterly hilarious.

  4. Second’s not lame..
    It’s a joke about the Noah’s Ark.

  5. Danceica, that’s what she said… about your dick.

  6. um ok but if you got in trouble for something you did when you left school without permission that would mean they would find out about the school bit and …. this is too much effort for something so insignificant

  7. @4 why do you think that? If it is a joke about Noah’s Ark it’s not done very well.

  8. I’m pretty sure Michael will be asking people if they’d like fries with their order very soon. For the rest of his life.

  9. LMAO the first two are hilarious, the last one is dumb

  10. @Lucy
    A gigantic yacht, which I guess could be considered an ark.
    That’s why they said she doesn’t like animals. There were animals on the Ark.
    Am I the only one who gets this? 🙁

  11. I’m 12 years old and what is this?

  12. Wow. Some very special people in this world.

  13. @ 10

    The second one has absolutely nothing to do with an ark

  14. I think the yacht/ark connection belongs up there.

  15. The fact that her name is Desirae makes it pretty clear to me that she couldn’t possibly be intelligent enough to make a joke about the ark. She’s obviously just an idiot.

  16. There is a difference between getting caught and getting in trouble for what you did? Really? I’ve always thought they go hand in hand, but we really need to let all of the inmates of ever prison in on this little jewel. Wow, someone needs to explain to this kid that there is no difference, the difference is getting caught and getting caught later red handed or getting caught in the act. I really feel sorry for us when these kids now a days gain any power…

  17. @10…I am thinking the girl thought a yacht was a yak…having nothing to do with boats at all.

  18. I have never before heard as the ark being referred to as a yacht. Your digging to deep. Desirae is just plain stupid.

  19. Since when has a giant yacht been an Ark?? they are 2 different things? please correct me if I am wrong. getting caught is getting caught regardless of when it happens.

  20. Who is dumber, people that think yacht is an animal or people that think it was a clever noah’s ark joke?

  21. I think that they are at about the same level of lameness.

  22. Haha. I agree that it definitely isn’t an ark joke. But I suppose people thinking that made it a little bit funnier.

  23. lol michael kid’s a genius 😛

  24. slimjayz a genius

  25. Wait, I just realized that Desirae is making a clever joke about that episode of Gilligan’s Island with the gorilla.

  26. I pray for the future of our country with kids like this.

  27. Ark smark. The girl is just blond, obviously.

  28. Kay makes a very good point I think Lamebook is missing and seemingly underestimating her savoir-faire.

    I have many friends for whom time ticks differently to mine and am a project manager professionally with many colleagues in the same boat.

    Me: Can you do X for me?
    He: Sure. No worries.
    Me: When can I have it by?
    He: Oh, in about 16 hours.
    Me: Is that 16 hours my time or 16 hours you time? ;-).

    A variant is like this:

    Me: Wanna get together Saturday?
    He: Sure.
    Me: When is best for you?
    He: Oh, about 7.
    Me: Is that 7 my time, or 7 your time? ;-).

    Let’s say there are people for I whom I know, 16 hours mean’s I can expect to see it in maybe 32 or 64 hours and people for whom 7 O’Clock means I can count on seeing them by 8 O’Clock.

    Surely we all know such folk, and so does Kay, name’s Raneem ;-).

    Of course, yes, she might be thinking he’s flying back home to America, and wondering how the time zones might affect the duration of the flight I know … but I reckon she just knows Raneem ;-).

  29. I’m taking my ark out this weekend, and we’re bringing the yachts.

  30. @ bwechner…my mom and my sister operate on different time as well. If we want to meet at 7, I have to tell my mom 6 and my sister 5. lol

  31. eh to some people (me LOL) a boat is a boat. I guess I overthought it.

  32. I’d stop while you’re ahead GoddessDigi.

  33. GoddessDigi – be careful saying things like ‘a boat is a boat’. You might invoke the ire of the yachting community, who can be somewhat precious about the many things that distinguish a very expensive and exclusive yacht from a common as mud boat. They have been known to beat the living snot out of people with their spinnaker poles for less.


  34. If it floats on water, it’s a boat! xD And I’ll get sick either way, so it can’t be all that different, lol.

  35. I want to punch Micheal. Someone that stupid really does deserve a thick leather belt to the mouth.

  36. @34, I refer the honourable lady to my previous comment.

  37. Michael is simply KNOB-TACULAR

  38. Michael means that he knows how to leave the grounds without getting caught.

    i.e. he gets punished when they find out he has left the school but he doesn’t get caught in the act of leaving.

    Thus he has one up on his friends who get caught trying to leave and get the same punishment as he does, as they haven’t had the same free time to sit in bus stops smoking and threatening old people before getting reprimanded.

    He DID word it badly though…

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