Friday, July 24, 2009

Get Money, Get Laid

Get Money, Get Laid

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  1. I don’t know what is worse, the fact that she might be serious about it, or that her friends are very supportive of it

  2. i need friends like these

  3. The lames thing here, however, is that there is someone out there named Epid (and MegaNN follows a close second).

  4. “Enquire within”. lol

  5. Tanja meant to put an “r” in “Suga Daddy,” but she was distracted by a shiny object.

  6. It’s no wonder the divorce rate is greater than 50% now. Someone will be stupid enough to impregnate Tanja and her friends so they can all take off work and stay at home getting fat with their kids while the man sends them child support checks or directly pays them.

    Then they can spend even more time on Facebook and try to rope in some other guy to cover them sexually or further financially. Too bad they’ll be too fat to get anything of value by then.

  7. Well Tan-juh, maybe if you weren’t such a dumb, fat twat, you could find a sugar daddy. But rich guys tend to like girls who don’t smell like slim jims and grape soda.

  8. TrainReq – haha the slim jims and grape soda comment almost made me fall out of my chair

  9. Funnily enough, to Epid, ‘business’ qualifys as sex on top of a desk.

  10. the lamest thing in this post for me is , Dinah calling her friend as “mama”
    It is so boring when people call their friends as “mama” , “girl” , “bitch” . Aaaghh

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