Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Gettin’ Ahead…

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  2. Apparently Rushi does not realize that the names of hurricanes and tropical storms alternate between masculine names and feminine names.

  3. vaginalroundhouse

    What the hell is a Rushi? Singular Russian?

  4. #1 is completely wrong. Hurricanes are both male and female. If anyone lived in Central Massachusetts in the 90s they’d remember Hurricane Bob… which was male.

  5. or Ivan or Dennis..

  6. Or Earl.

    And conception is technically ten months, sorry Samuel.

  7. I will give Rushi the benefit of the doubt if English isn’t his first language, but his comma abuse is atrocious.

  8. Since when do hurricanes involve “sucking?”
    That status fails in every way.

  9. leakyfishbowl, conception is actually like a second…

  10. All stoopid

  11. OK… I’ve had enough and registered just to ask this question… What’s with the Ben and Steever shit?

  12. Paint_my_nails_please

    The Ben and Steever shit is about living in a different era and wishing you could recreate all those olden golden good times when everyone around you has moved on.

  13. @freaky – it indicates that an individual (or a scripted bot process) was the first commenter, however their comment is something idiotic like a drawn out spelling of their name. For some of them, the drawn out spelling appears to be due to attention disorders where they forget how to spell it and just type lots of letters to make up for it, preferably in CAPS so they are SHOUTING. One can imagine them typing while shouting their name over and over as they try to spell it then give up. Obviously their comments are of little consequence, even to them. The act of wasting a comment on an idiotic first post is that of a “firstard”, ie, someone who posted first in a thread only to waste that post with inanities.

  14. reveeeets is Frodo.

  15. There were also hurricanes Andrew and Hugo. Maybe Rushi thinks masculine-named hurricanes are gay. Rushi – not all gay people are feminine. Homophobe. 😉

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