Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Gimme A Break

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  1. Listen up guys, I’m single and looking for a guy that’s hot like the sun…or an oven, I’m not picky.

  2. And, since when is M&Ms a candy bar?

  3. and, since when is britishhobo gona realise his jokes are shit and noone cares?

  4. Oh look, anonisgay realized nobody gave a shit when he tried to post normal comments, so now he’s gone back to his old unfunny self to get attention.


  5. i wish i met your criteria, ladyrisk, but unfortunately i’m hot like a seat-belt buckle in a car in a heatwave…


  6. Yes, ladyrisk. Technically, James does not meet her crateria.

    Hobo, it’s always easier to go with what one knows.

  7. lol britishhobo i havent posted any normal comments? u dickhead think u know everythin hahahaha ur such a nob

  8. I am hotter than an oven. This being due to the fact that I sat on a fucking lit stove the other day and burnt all my ass hair off. One of those stupid camouflaged cooktops. Didn’t think it was on when I leaned on it. Needless to say, I am typing standing up for the next few days… And watching TV, and working, and circle jerking a pack of 6th grade fudge packing twinkies.

  9. LMAO@ m&m’s being a candy bar…haha

  10. How will Lakisha ever choose between these two suitors? I suppose it depends on her type. If she likes the intellgent conversationalist, she’ll go with James. If she prefers her men mature, with an edgy side, perhaps she’ll choose Mikah and his nougat. Stay tuned to As The Moron Turns.

  11. alordslums, my left leg would contend that seatbelt buckles are in fact hotter than most ovens on a hot summer day.

  12. oh darn… I missed the memo that m&m’s were a candy bar!! where have I been!?

  13. COMMENT WAR!!!!!

    It’s *knob you knob!

  14. Can these people be imprisoned for the gratuitous and malicious abuse of the apostrophe?

  15. StarKidPotter likes Stephan Botha’s comment.

  16. @alord, like I said, I’m not picky.
    If I can’t get an oven I’ll settle for someone that can be compared to anything that is uncomfortably hot. A hot pocket that was microwaved a few seconds too long, the first sip of hot tea from that Chinese place down the block, I’m not picky 😉

  17. At least James will melt in her mouth and not in her hand…..

  18. Mikah’s got lots a nuts? Is that a genetic disorder? He should get it checked out.

  19. im trying to decide if i care about this..

    i guess not.
    I like my man hot like a chili pepper
    right in my sweet bum 😉

  20. How about a habajnero (spelling?) DLP?Or is that too much? 😉

  21. “im like m and ms…. the best candy bar”


  22. Lakisha should hold out for onehandedjack. Coz I knows how to eat out a Kitty Kat, ice her vovo, might even pack her fudge for her on her birthday.

  23. Well, fuck a duck, Mr Gay is back and this time he means it. Real talk.

  24. Oh, BritishHobo, I know anonisgayisgay’s comments must just devastate you, so I wanted to let you know that I think your jokes are funny. I care.

  25. lol nice fake account britishhobo

  26. ummm, no. I am certainly not BritishHobo.

  27. hmmm i’ve never thought of myself as an item of confectionary before.

    I suppose i’d be a pack of chocolate fingers…because i stick my fingers up ladies bums.

  28. @anonisgayisgay
    You got downs, son?

  29. stompeh you are obviously a 12 year old emo kid who still replaces words endings’ with Y with an -eh, so u can suck my downeh ass

  30. lol @ anon taking the bait. can you dish it out but not take it, anon?

    i don’t think (s)he’s got downs, stomp. just a lot of time on his/her hands and no personality.

  31. lol alord u douchebag if u think thats takin the bait and ur loling at me for it, then why do u comment on shit i type about you? your very last comment obviously shows that u ‘took the bait’ off me and are getin worked up enough to assume i hav no personality and isnult me lololooolol i win the argument ahah ur a fag dont be too embarassed if i was as retarded as you id say stupid shit like you do too

  32. okay i know anonisgayisgay has his favorites to hate on, but i really would just like to say:

    i think alordslums and BritishHobo make lamebook comments that much more interesting to read and usually make whatever post lamebook has even funnier. so anon really needs to crawl back in the decaying ass he fell out of.


  33. cherryberry u do know that women give birth out their vagina not they ass rite? retard

  34. i wasn’t referring to how you were born. i was referring to where you live. a rotting donkey corpse. retard

  35. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    @anonisgayisgay Would you like a cock sandwich, dude? It’s pretty fresh.

  36. cherryberry, if my <4 wasn't taken by a trucker, i'd give it to you.

    not because of any kind of gratification i get from your comment (ok, just a little). but because you are the prevailing voice of sanity and reason in the swirling vortex of anon's fetid and lustreless sinkhole.

    also, dukey, just lol.

  37. *sigh*

    “And in the left corner, we have light weight Anonisgayisgay, wih comments weighing in at 1.8 stone and packing a wholloping load of BS! It’s incredible, folks, but somehow these comments stir up a frenzy of activity from the wathcning audience! I wonder how that makes his opponent feel?

    Speaking of which, in the right hand side we have Veteran, BritishHobo, whose snide asides have a tendancy to leave his opponent reeling – a successful tactic for years! But will his tendancy to retaliate be his downfall, or will he mainain a cool demeanor this time, folks?”

    *The gong/whistle/click of the enter button goes off*

  38. *with

    Sorry, folks. I’m a commentator, not a speller 🙂

  39. @alordslums, carry on, good sir.

    @BritishHobo, same to you, good sir.

    @anonisgayisgay, if you’re going to troll, troll well. Otherwise, gtfo. Fail troll is fail. And certainly not entertaining or funny. Just pathetic and looking for attention and, sadly enough, getting more than you deserve.

    As for candy bars, I’ve always pictured myself as a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup…about the size of a half-dollar with ridges and always sticking to my cup when it’s hot outside…

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