Thursday, March 4, 2010

Gimme A Break

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  1. I’m never supportive, I’m just rude. It just works for me because Jizzelle has a crush on me. Bwahahahahahaha!

  2. hahahahahaahaa…i do, i do.

  3. Jizzelle, them cutting it down is probably bc you sent it in. Every time someone has obviously sent their own in, they get torn up in the comments. So you should probably be thankful LB cut this one down.

  4. WHAT. THE. FUCK??? “jizzelle” AND “RondyR” are fucking here? Apart from editing their shit lamebook rocks. it’s like walking through miami airport and all of a sudden you see j-wow and the situation…that’s what it feels like to me. and now slimjayz is like the kid who jay-wow meets at the club and they hook up and exchange facebook profiles? man!

  5. lmfao. gregory just killed me.

  6. Definately, dboy. Gregory FTW. lol

  7. @rondy – DAMNIT of my friends i’m the rude one!! so they get the funny shit on their walls!! damnit. grrr… rondy sweetie be my friend and i’ll rock your world! you can make me bark like a chicken and roll over like a goose…. (hahahaha laughing my ass off at that)

  8. Oh I’m more than happy to be your happy lil’ friend; even more so if you’re hot. Yes, I’m a dog, but I’m okay with that.

    It’s just /rondy.reeves to find me. Let the epic-ness begin! Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  9. And yes Lamebook is awesome. Long have I viewed Lamebook and nearly pissed myself from laughter. I’m just so damn happy to finally be on here! I dunno if Jizzelle was the one who submitted it or not, but fuckin’ epic nonetheless!

  10. Apart from the praise that you are giving yourself in the comment section , this post is indeed funny material…

    Except for the fact that i am guessing you guys planned al this

    Oh yeah and she is goddamn hot that Jizzle , good on ya miss.

    slim is married ? Thats the most shocking thing about this whole post.

    And Johnny is going to take her back , nice guys always finish last. Nice guys and absolute pricks make it easier on the rest of us to get laid , so i love the Johhny types for that.

  11. Almost forgot , PFF is a valid reason to dump a dumb bitch.

    It just is.

  12. I’m thinking the other guy blew her off when she got there.

    And Geezus Martha, thanks for making me laugh at an old man passing out while trying to take a shit.

  13. I don’t think anyone “plans” these things…and if they did, then that’d be pretty stupid…dumping a girl for PFF is always a valid reason =)

  14. Wouldn’t you dump a guy if he becomes a fatso ?

    And i make a distinction between big girls and fat girls , the first is the way you are built the latter is the way you became after munching away …

  15. lol

  16. Oh but I only love fatties…so PFF is not a problem for me =)

  17. Johnny.. dump the whoring b!tch.

    Mandi… I think James from the top thread is perfect for you.

  18. Jizelle , i was about to send you a friend request but i am not fat at all , i am in great shape unfortunately

    Damn you exercise

  19. hahahaha I’ve already received quite a few from ppl who wanna see the real conversation on my wall….no fatties yet though =(

  20. I’m not a fatty either, but also havent sent a request… Havent had time for shit at home… I’m busier at home then at work… I come here to relax, lol

  21. How can I add you if I can’t search for your Jizzelle? Is this something commonly known, or am I just facebook illiterate?

  22. *you, typoooo sorry.

  23. Try searching again?

  24. I knew a girl by the name of Giselle and her nickname with all her good friends was “Jizz.” I could never keep a straight face when they called her that. XD

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