Friday, February 15, 2013

Girl on Fire!

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  1. Only if they use Nicki Minaj as the girl on fire.

  2. or MsAnnnnnnnnnnnnneThrope

  3. You know who agrees with you, Naomi? Everyone else who already posted that joke everywhere on the internet.

  4. Cheap shot!

  5. Msannethrope hasn’t been on in some time. Such a shame since the comments were always better with her around.

  6. In regards to the Miss, whether on hiatus, vacation, or departed for the bit. She misses ye not, for the Ms. A. Thrope, gives not a single damn how you feel, nor gives a thought to the incessant wailing of the lurking users that scream her name. If you showed her kindness, you were wrong, and she’d flog you no less. But, a special breed of miscreant, who’d gladly tell you all to fuck off for whining, and pretending you miss her eccentic ways. Ms. Anne, hates you, in her own special way. Besides you rediculous twits, if she was anything like Beetlejuice, she’d be here by now, you fucking dim witted scallywags!

  7. I like the “this boy is a bottom” version.

  8. Capn, Did you realize you spelled ridiculous wrong?
    …unless it’s spelled differently in your country.

  9. ^ He’s a pirate. He’s just spelling it phonetically, because he pronounces words rediculously.

  10. ^klevur

  11. If only my phone had some sort of spellchecky thingy, I wouldn’t have this problem….So I’ll go with with Bacchantes explaination…If it keeps happening though, I’m going to toss this blasted device into the ocean, at least the armed guards won’t be able to confiscate it…again…

  12. ^fail 😀

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