Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love Advice

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  1. This person is correct. Every woman I know LOVES those biscuits.

  2. And, no, I don’t know a lot of really fat women. They only get to eat those biscuits once per year.

  3. Those biscuts are like crack in biscut form.

  4. Really, it doesnt matter where you go, as long as you buy them a dessert at the end. They’ll nibble at a salad for hours as if they had already eaten before they got there, then as soon as the chocolate cherry cheesecake makes it’s way to the table, they inhale it like a hoover vaccuum.

  5. This is just a rip off from the TV version of The Boondocks, episode “Guess ho’s coming to dinner.”

  6. I don’t give a fuck what kind of biscuit you bring, just refer to me as a bitch and I’m yours.

  7. kid zombie, you are the one who should be giving advice.

  8. It seems that I am definitely not a bitch. Good to know! The “bitches” are welcome to eat those nasty, dry biscuits.

  9. His sentence “But your reservations at …” makes no sense.

  10. The only 4 words I want to hear on Valentines Day are “No Venereal Disease Here”.

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