Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Girls Still Just Want to Have Dumb



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  1. I think if you can’t spell “College”, you sure as hell aren’t ready to go.

  2. I misspell definitely all the time. It’s a tick and I apologize. I, however, am smart enough to use Firefox with the spell check feature on. I think we need to make that mandatory lest we get any stupider as a nation.

  3. @ Abundance of Stupid

    let’s see what your little survey taught us.
    You showed your coworkers this phrase. Good start, you got your data. You observed that most of them did not “catch” the word “future”. We can therefore set the normal (average) as “not observed”.
    You then drew the following conclusions 1) “we are damn smart” OR 2) “we are normal” AND therefore 3)”the rest is non observant” OR 4) “the rest are morons”.

    Now let me draw my conclusions: you set yourself as being normal (2), but your data suggest the opposite. Most of us would agree this is NOT very “damn smart” , and therefore (1) cannot be true because: one person (namely you) out of the people that did observe the word future is not very “damn smart”. We can extend that and assume safely that the people who did observe the word “future” do not share smartness as their common characteristic (thanks to you). Therefore we can let (4) also go since there is no evidence supporting the opposite. This leaves us with (3) and I have to agree that it is a valid conclusion. Randomly drawn I suspect, but still valid. Congrats.

  4. Are you serious, dude?

  5. I don’t know man…

  6. Fucking EPIC!!!

  7. the collage post, not the going to the future that isn’t 1969…

  8. tell your parents they’re wasting their money and stop going then.

  9. colgate?

  10. that kirsty is such a retard, no wonder there are so many ignorant people who go to college.

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