Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Give Him a Hand

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  1. STEEEEEEEVERRRRRRRRRRR!! 1st bitches!!!

  2. He’s probably able to kill you with his one good hand tied behind his back, too.

  3. Oh lord, if you’re going to make up a story to get on Lamebook, at least give yourself a realistic number of likes. I doubt 81 people would find this semi-funny story that likeworthy.

  4. Maybe he didn’t need a hand, just a finger.

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  6. Hate to type this but ……. Fake

  7. What a cunt. Yes, very unfortunate that they only have one hand, but was the OP to know this? Clearly fucking not.

  8. This sounds like it’s from a stand up comedy act in the 1920s.

  9. STEEEEVER got paid more than $5964 part-time on line just by going STEEEEEEEVERRRRRRRRRRR!!

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