Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Giving Blonde

Giving Blonde

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  1. i think “woo’ing” deserves an underscore as well.

  2. haha good thing giving blood comes right after drinking (and before drinking again).

  3. “falling in like”

    Cheri’s lame knows no borders.

  4. total Vamp

  5. So, if she’s already put drinking twice, is it okay to infer that she just likes the way the specifically named drinks look?

  6. I want to try this “basketball Relaxing” she speaks of.

  7. I think she needs to stop giving blood… the brain cells are hurting.

  8. okay, from her profile picture, she isn’t even blonde? haha she is really dumb

  9. Gee golly jeepers I want to try this “basketball Relaxing” she speaks of. b said it all.

  10. ….lol PASTA?

  11. I hope she knows how excruciatingly painful it is to donate marrow.

  12. Well, she is flashing that peace at least.

  13. “wooing, falling in like, crushes”

    i have nothing to say.

  14. keep drinking vodka & red bull together and may your heart explode

  15. I believe this would be what vampires call a “ghoul”

    Props for being able to make being a donor creepy as hell though!

  16. What is Shell Toe? Is that the more shy cousin of Camel Toe?

  17. Bone marrow donor? Jesus fucking christ, why would anyone do that?

  18. @guidebot perhaps she likes the pleasures of pain in preposterous proportions.

  19. You guys just don’t understand, maybe she’s a 50-something year old that has already gone through menopause, therefore she needs to get rid of all her bad blood, sooo… Aw fuck it, she’s fucking mental, lock her up and make her swallow the key!

  20. You’re all wrong, she’s a liar. She’s not “giving blood,” she’s selling plasma. And she’s pretending like she’s a humanitarian blood donor when she’s really just an opportunistic drunk. She is likely selling bone marrow for research as well.

    Like those people who get money for those pharmaceutical experiments and then act like they were “participants in a study to help people” or whatever.

  21. @Fart… ahhh okay then… where the hell do you go to ‘sell plasma’?

  22. @Right…

    You’ve got to be kidding. You go to plasma centers like “BioLife” and you get paid for giving plasma. It’s usually $55 a week and you can donate 2 times a week. Welcome to 2009. Where the hell have you been?

  23. Nice to see she put “drinking” and “driving” down. Hopefully she won’t be on the planet long enough to reproduce. I don’t understand how Crest white strips in an interest. I mean honestly, I think navel lint is more interesting than a white strip. Salsa, black shirts, texting, LOVING? What the hell are Salesharing secrets?

  24. I as well take an interest in new bras. However, jumping on trampolines is the devil!

  25. Um, you can only give blood every 52 days…

  26. haha… i hope she dies in the car crash caused by her ‘drinking’ and ‘driving’ and ‘being blonde’

  27. @26 STFU, seriously.

    She might be a bimbo but if she’s volunteering to give not only blood but also bone marrow then she deserves some slack. Bone marrow HURTS.

  28. I want to know what basketball Relaxing is…and she listed drinking twice so she must really damn love it!

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