Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Deadly Douches

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  1. i could die a happy man with word and eenerbl taking turns on my face and rod

  2. Pathetic = worthy of pity. And yeah, I do think they are.(Been there, done that, got the t-shirt). That’s not saying they are bad people. I actually do feel sorry, and concerned for young boys when they start thinking that looking a certain way is important. I think it’s far too often overlooked that boys get body image issues, and it just often goes another way. I’m not a fan of people encouraging it by competing online any more than like those sites dedicated to pictures of Mary Kate Olsen while girls cheer each other on as they go days without eating. I really didn’t feel like going all serious here though.

  3. CommentsAtLarge

    Bryce obviously has an odd pet name for his penis, since I’m guessing that’s what he’s beating night and day.

    “rub mutual asses” is both amusing and arousing so thanks on two fronts word. Slim, if the masters doesn’t work out, I think you might have a future as a porn director.

  4. @ commentsatlarge… you spelled actor wrong

  5. slim, and we WOULD kill you.

    Us three horny animals going at each other…
    What a beautiful picture I have in my head right now.

    I can go to work a happy girl.

  6. Emmanual for the love of God, put some boxers on!!

  7. Comments, slim is my 2010 version of the great John Holmes, and I, the Linda Lovelace.

    Hopefully though, we don’t meet the same demise as those two.

  8. The posts were lame, as could be expected of lamebook.
    Malteaster’s post made me lol though.

  9. word, I’d rub asses with you any day. slim, you’d make a wonderful porn director! You indeed have a talent with your foxy words.

  10. Since when has this become some dirty, flirty, vent-out-your-sexual-frustrations arena?? Reel it in guys.

  11. Pippi,

    Sexual frustration is not the term I’d use for myself in its true form.

    I actually do get sex, very satisfying sex.
    The only frustration for me is that it’s never enough.

    I’m not here to offend, I come here to hopefully provide some mild entertainment for the masses, and be entertained in return, during the hard slog of the day.

    I don’t think many people are bothered by me, or the others who join me, but who knows?

    Regardless, for the apparent sins I’ve committed in your eyes, I’ll give you an apology from the heart of my bottom.

  12. Seriously Pippi? That’s why we (at least I) come here for.

  13. btw. it’s way better than watching porn, ut’s so much more realistic. So slim, word and eenerbl just keep me coming.

  14. If you three end up being 50yr old obese guys with no teeth, I will laugh.

  15. slump busting. my new favourite term.

  16. Yeah, this comment string did get kinda gross. I’m just jealous though, especially if you are all 50 year old obese guys, I love me a little silver fox (by silver, I mean bald and by fox, I mean slob)

  17. Well Emma, I’m not 50 yet and I’m not bald oh just forget it.

  18. Just burst out laughing at work. Milo FTW!

  19. SeeBea, you seem way outta my league.

  20. @60 Pippi Where have you been? Or are you new to LB? Otherwise this can’t be your first encounter with the dirty minds of slim, word, ee and the occasional Soup.
    Without LB would indeed be lame 🙂

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