Monday, February 27, 2012

Go Grandma!

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  1. ‘Gma’ knows that ass is soft.She remembers the time she and Jimmie hit the M.D. 20/20 together and he asked her to ram her 10″ black dildo up it.

  2. Dude just got trolled by his grandma.

  3. That Grandma is fucking awesome.

  4. ^balls. if granny was so awesome, she’d have drowned that pointless fucker years ago.

  5. I wish “MS”AnneThorpe”s grandma would have drowned him. Mutant.

  6. ^ Hey look, you are on Lamebook!

  7. so lazy he can’t even make a proper “bird”

  8. is that me some yt? how ya been, nig? still hatin’ on de master race?

  9. uh o boyz in da hood

  10. Why is Jimmie R smoking a Tampon?

    Is it because he’s a hardcore member of the Bloods?

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