Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Go Grandma!

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  1. I call bullshit . . .

  2. I’ll call bullshit too if i know his number. But seriously, i also think this is fake.

  3. I think it could be true…

  4. Seems legit to me. It’s a plausible story..

  5. No one who is addicted to OC enough to steal them from their ill and selfless grandmother would fall for something like this. ESP not enough to actually take them. It would never work. Trust me.

  6. oh, and if he isn’t “addicted” then the pills will make him a hell of alot sicker then the Xlax.

  7. my sister works at an old folks home and a boy showed up one day with a raging hard-on. At the park behind the home some boys gave him mushrooms, then a bit later Viagra, telling him in was E. Poor thing *chuckle* but I guess that’s what you get for being gullible and having poor choice in ‘friends’! I believe the post has truth to it

  8. 32ndson, I think you have way too much faith in people. People are often shitty to the ones that care for them the most, stupid people are even shittier, and stupid teenagers are the shittiest EVER. It seems like it’s possible in my opinion.

  9. lexluther, I think 32ndson is not suggesting that someone wouldn’t dare steal from a loved one, but that someone willing to steal from a loved one would know the difference between a pill they are addicted to and a different one, and therefore wouldn’t fall for it…

  10. I think this was an overreaction on the part of the grandmother.

  11. Fake. Who the hell does oxy recreationally by eating them? Hah

  12. I’d like to believe it cos it’s a pretty funny story. The kid doesn’t necessarily have to be addicted to the pills, he might just like the buzz with his friends.
    But I do have to agree the sceptics. The oxy pills I used to take were colour coded by strength and had the strength and OXYCODONE pressed into each pill. But if he is that much of a scum cunt then he might be stupid enough to not care about the slight change in pill shape and or colour.
    Plausible and hopefully true.



  14. so ill admit it, i stole some hydros from my mom after she had work done at a dentist. i was 16 and stupid, but i knew she would never use them. i counted them, waited a month, counted again and she hadnt used any. so i took 5. i did it 2 more times. i wouldnt have known if she had switched the pills.

    so i completely believe this post… it doesnt say hes an addict, maybe he was just bored and wanted to get high. now if it said he was addict to the pills it would be harder for me to believe, but i still might buy it.

  15. addicted*

  16. Everyone who is saying he “maybe wanted a little buzz with his friends” have obv. never done it before. I was addicted for two years and that shit isn’t a “buzz” kinda drug. It’s more of a knock you on your ass kinda deal. You either take it all the time or you don’t because then all it makes you is sick. It isn’t real, just accept it.

  17. After surviving cancer, I’ve had 11 years of off and on use of Oxy. I take 10-20mg at a time and remain fully functional. So the “knock you on your ass kinda deal” is a bit of an exaggeration. But for the sake of conjecture if Grandma is on the recommended geriatric dose (2.5mg), then the kid would be able to pop those for a nice buzz without being knocked flat on his ass anyway. Also, FWIW, my generic shit doesn’t say “Oxy” or anything like that on it so if some casual wannabe stoner was sneaking them, they could theoretically be switched out for something similar without much notice.

  18. 32ndson, you are not the only person who’s taken opioid painkillers, but apparently you think that your reaction to them is the only one people can have. Well guess what, you’re actually the minority (unless you’re a small child). This story is far-fetched, but totally plausible. It would be really easy to replace generic oxycodone; it’s a plain, white, round, scored pill. But that doesn’t even matter! Druggie teenagers probably wouldn’t think twice if the pill looks different than the last time they took it.
    I’m not saying this is definitely true, I just can’t stand when someone presents false information as a fact. At least Google something before you pretend to be the world’s authority on it!

  19. Where do I begin? First of all, Oxycodone and OxyContin have the same active ingredient, but are different.

    A Percocet is oxycodone, with acetaminophen added to it.

    OxyCONTIN is a time-released pill that contains ONLY Oxycodone, no acetaminophen.

    The OxyCONTIN tablet DO say the mg (20,40, ect). Oxycodone’s do NOT. So, whomever said that their pills had, “OXYCODONE” printed on it, is full of it.

    Even if the Grandma did indeed have OxyContin, taking one does not always, “knock someone on their a**”. Because it is time-released, you receive a small portion of Oxycodone every hour. You would be far “higher”, if you took 40mg of Percocet all at once, than you would be from taking a 40mg OxyContin (swallowing it). It would be released slowly in your body, over a period of 8-12 hours.

    Also – if this kid is turning the house upside down, looking for these pills, and has stolen them in the past, he probably is addicted, and therefore – would know what the pills look like.

    Most true addicts also SNORT their Oxy, for the above reason. If you swallow one, you don’t catch a euphoric high, you just get pain relief for the whole day.

    Just had to add my $0.02.

  20. Soberchick, many different pharmaceutical manufacturers make oxycodone. It’s possible one person’s tabs have something printed on them that another person’s do not.

    Let’s assume the kid is a casual user and his grandma has a fairly high dose of oxy. If he isn’t used to the dose, the time release wouldn’t matter much because he’d be getting a huge dose even if it was spread over a period of 8-12 hours. In theory, it’s possible he could get a knock you on your ass feeling from time released oxycontin.

    There’s a heap of variables that could make this story plausible or not. Either way, you probably still got a chuckle out thinking of some punk kid shitting his pants at school.

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