Friday, March 23, 2012

Go Joe!

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  1. “She didn’t ask me to move, and because I’m too much of a prick/retard to exhibit that degree of consideration/initiative we all suffered.”

  2. this guy likes commas. but yeah, what a dick.

  3. If the girl can’t open her mouth and ask politely for him to move, it’s her own fault.

  4. @3, the point of #1 is that why ole Joe was trying to punish the girl by not using common courtesy and just moving for her, he ended up punishing everyone else. Good job, Joe!

  5. She sounds like the kind of person that expects everyone to just move for her.

    I wouldn’t have moved if she hadn’t asked either.

  6. she’s the one trying to get somewhere. when you want someone to move, you ask them to. or tell them to if anything. she could have said something.

  7. butterscotchcandy

    cool story bro

  8. I would have just given her a chokeslam or two. Yeah, that should teach Her Majesty a lesson or two.

  9. I’m normally a very courteous person. I hold doors open for everyone, I let people pass me, I’m very aware of social etiquette. And the courtesy works in both directions here. Unless he was on the very edge he would have seen her coming. The normal interaction, then, would be for you to move and then for her to say “thank you” afterwards rather than her having to approach, ask you to move, you finally comply, and then say thank you (especially if it’s during a lecture and you’re trying to be as discreet as possible. This is like standing in a doorway and staring at someone as they approach, and thinking it’s okay to stand there unless someone deliberately asks you to move.

  10. it’s like all of you sanctimonious fucking pricks have never had a hangover before.

  11. You guys are all missing the point. The point is SHE WILL NEVER BE PROM QUEEN. Why? I’ll tell you why. Coffee crotch joe is clearly the mastermind behind the entire prom royalty extravaganza (pardon my french) HE’S PULLING ALL THE STRINGS don’t you get it? His name is Joe he hates coffee and he doesn’t have an std to brag about so he’s clearly a mormon, which means SHE WILL NEVER BE PROM QUEEN. ’nuff said.

  12. #9 is completely correct! Who waits for someone to ask them to move?? Of course if you see someone coming you move – it is what people do. Should she have said excuse me as she approached? Certainly. Was her transgression worth all of that drama? Hardly.

  13. #10 having a hangover does not, in any way, give anyone the right to be rude and lacking in manners. If she had a hangover, which isn’t mentioned in the post, she brought it on herself. I absolutely despise people who expect the best manners from others but have none themselves.
    #9 I completely agree Joe should also have had enough manners to move when he realized she wanted to get past him, whether she said “Excuse me” or not.
    #11, I think I love you :), ’nuff said

  14. she sounds like a total biatch, but this kids the bigger bitch. She walks into class late, well where I come from, if you are coming in late or going to the bathroom at a sports game/movie, you see someone is trying to walk by you, its common courtesy to either shift to the side and help, or acknowledge that you are an asshole and sit there and not let them pass.

    She should disrupt the class further by saying “Excuse me good sir, but I would like to get to the open seat 3 down from you, would you be so kind as to move your legs to the side to facilitate my safely getting to the seat??”

    to me, this asshole who likely wants to bang the girl but is beneath her league would only be more upset if she opened her mouth and dared to disturb his education

  15. Not letting a girl with a huge iced coffee by simply because she didn’t ask is like trying to keep a bus from merging simply because the driver didn’t signal properly. You may be right in doing so, but unless you swallow your pride and be the better person, you’re going to end up being a part of a huge mess.

  16. ^Same thing when you walk into an orgy and try not to participate without saying anything

  17. ^entire plot of eyes wide shut 😀

  18. So apparently, it was Joe’s fault that she came 20 minutes late to the class, with sunglasses and that shit. I am wondering if “she” is actually MsAnneThorpe.

  19. ^you really couldn’t be this stupid and still be breathing.

  20. Joe wasn’t at fault for the entire situation, but he was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

  21. I’d feel bad for that damned camel, if it wasn’t such a pussy!

  22. #19 I could say the same about you. She was TWENTY MINUTES LATE to the class, and picture her attitude coming to the class with those sunglasses and that shit in her hand. It was her fault for disrupting the class, and guess what, Her Majesty cannot say, “Please excuse me”, and could not even say “Sorry” for creating a nuisance, and instead called him an asshole.

    _You_ have got to be even more stupid than her to defend her. As I have said before, Her Majesty deserved a chokeslam, that would have taught her some manners. And don’t give me that shit about her being on high or something. You know that you have a class to attend, you shouldn’t be boozing. Period.

  23. Walking into class late: Cool.
    Walking into class with an iced coffee: Cool.
    Wearing sunglasses into class: Cool.
    Not giving a damn about class: Cool.
    Prepared to give free mini lap dances: Cool

    She sounds pretty cool to me. And she was probably hot, so.

    What’s your point?

  24. peterpiper. she was TWENTY MINUTES LATE to the class, dummy.
    Don’t you get it? god.
    ap is of the ‘opinion’ that she therefore deserves to be physically assaulted for this crime and that this will somehow educate her to be a better person.
    You know, because historically violence has always worked a fucking treat.
    I’m thinking perhaps ap’s parent’s should have left off with the chokeslamming. The lack of oxygen flow to his brain has left him mentally challenged.

  25. Are you guys kidding me with the manners commentary? Our job here is to make fun of stupid people, not defend them, so knock it off. Seemed apparent to me that they were both tools about what really is a non situation. She rolls in late like paris hilton with her 7 dollar drink and he can’t be bothered to move out of the way cause he’s ‘gonna show her’. either of them could’ve taken the high road, but that wouldn’t be very cool now would it? deserved what they got. except for the ‘flipped me off’ part. that was uncalled for. she was actually ultra cool until she decided to flip the bird, ’cause I mean really? this isn’t 1985. Starting immediately I am auditioning for a new symol of pissed-offedness, ’cause the bird needs to retire. I’m thinking along the lines of “honking” my testicles or something equally jedi-like. Maybe itching my rectum then sniffing my finger then falling off a branch like that youtube monkey. Where am I going to get a branch?

  26. ^ I’d like to see how well that plays out while driving.

    I’m guessing the majority of the responses will be, “Dafuq?”

  27. Thanks, guys, for reminding me why I avoid Lamebook over the weekend.

  28. sisqi. if our ‘job’ here is to make fun of stupid people, then pretending to give a fuck about hangover girl whilst ap gasps like a guppy falls well within my job description and you should go fuck yourself with that branch. I mean this in the nicest possible way.

  29. ahh my mistake. i thought this is where the off center genius crowd hung out to laugh at the misfortune of others. looks like i gave a lot of you too much credit.

  30. hells yeah you did.
    /licks window

  31. yeah but teenagers are dicks

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