Monday, August 6, 2012

Going Full Retard

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  1. Fake.

  2. I fucked a full retard once. Never go balls deep in a full retard.

  3. why not? it’d be just like a rodeo ride but with jizz at the end

  4. Bring_back_fingering

    Isn’t it obvious – you don’t just go balls deep, you stuff your whole scrotum in as well.

  5. For those who are actually wondering, the W went to hell, where it is building a special W Shadow torture device that it will use to confuse and confound you while you suffer in endless brain misery. And, it will feed you a lot of oat bran so that you remain regular during your endless confusion.

  6. nah. it was photoshopped.


  7. (sarcasm rating = off the fucking charts)

  8. This is how CJ lures unsuspecting young children into his van. Fucking paedo.

  9. ^yeah, i was wondering about the playground in the background. what a cunt cj is.

  10. Playground with a camera.

    “Oh no officer, I was just taking photos of the shadows my racket creates on my dashboard.”

  11. “I don’t care what you call it, son. Get your dick off the dashboard.”

  12. I just had to log in to congratulate you on an excellent comment, Bacchante.

  13. [cough]gay[cough]

  14. Cj is obviously a right window licking cunt.

    It’s clearly a ‘M’ that has gone missing.

  15. CJ was waiting for kids who want drugs. He IS black, you know. Black man… playground in da ‘hood… tennis racket. Wait? Oh, that’s for smackin’ hos.

  16. Sonofabitch…’M’ is NOT missing, SHE’S HIDING IN THE FUCKING WATERHOLE! QUICK! Hop on my dinghy! I’ll save you!

  17. pirate captain of the dinghy.

  18. Ms., you know we only use dinghy’s to get to my cubby cabin…I. uhh…mean…massive ship!

  19. Not photo-shopped. Not fake.

    The painted Wilson “W” only appears on the strings. I need a drink.

  20. ^fuck you. you fucking fuck. fuck the fuck off. you stupid fucker.

  21. Oh, Tenacity. You sound like a lot of fun. You should post more on lamebook, we need more intelligent comments like yours.

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