Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Good Deeds

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  2. ^ arsehole.

  3. Awesome show. Great job!

  4. ^rubert’s just jelly, it’s OK bro!

  5. Nice!

  6. Or did you consider that maybe the driver was in an extreme rush?

    He bad an emergency and you call him an asshole.
    How nice.

  7. had* DAMNIT!

  8. He didn’t call him an asshole, he said he’s parked LIKE an asshole. Big difference.

  9. Why didn’t he re-position the car to fit the spot? I mean, he had the keys……

  10. #9 He should have used the keys to key the car. Now that would have been hilarious. Not to say what he did do wasn’t epic of course.

  11. Open door. Put keys in car. Lock door. Close Door.

  12. I would have moved the car to a different spot, and then turned the keys in.

  13. they should have moved the car to another parking lot

  14. I’ve got a lot of time for this guy.

  15. I would have absolutely left the keys sitting there, and even offered to keep watch while someone else stole it. Can’t stand bad parkers, especially when they do it on purpose which looks to have happened here, since its a Volvo.

    When expensive cars park like dickholes, they deserve to be keyed or worse

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