Monday, July 29, 2013

Good Guardian

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  1. She breaks dicks and dates chicks?

  2. Well Margue-what????, i hate to burst your bubble, but we’re all Yolo-ing.

  3. Margaritas at Maurguerite’s!!

  4. Let’s see, how do the kids say it… “Things that happened: not this”

  5. Fake.

  6. I’m curious, what’s a spagbol?

  7. “..what’s a spagbol?”

    Spaghetti Bolognese.

  8. Interesting. I”ve never had it before, so I will have to find someone who can help me try it.

  9. Yeah, this didn’t happen. Nobody would say “the facebooks” unless they were trying to imitate an old person trying to sound lame.

  10. 8, spaghetti bolognese= spaghetti with meat sauce.

  11. ^ Really? Interesting.

  12. Betty P. Phipps

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  13. How do I have more downvotes than Betty P. Phipps?

  14. ^ Because Betty P. Phillips is a badass bitch, gettin’ paid and gettin’ laid.

  15. Try not to put much stock in the votes, Jeffreyd. Remember, many of these people are the scum of the Earth.

  16. ^ That scum of the Earth thing is the funniest thing I’ve read all day. Also, Jefferey is right, this is clearly fake, how many mothers would make an update saying they’re ‘appalled’ at their daughter, before proceeding to say ‘yolo, whatever the fuck that is’…

  17. Every person who believes in reincarnation disagrees with you, Carib.

  18. While I don’t disagree with a little Facebook shaming in cases such as these, her Mom telling everyone that her daughter peed the bed til 4th grade kind-of crosses the line. You have to be careful when dealing with the person who will choose your nursing home someday.

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