Monday, July 29, 2013

Good Enough For Me

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  1. I hereby sentence you to banishment on the Isle of Perpetual Tickling.

  2. Fake.
    The sun is actually a star.

  3. Still makes you a fatass, OP.
    An entire cake? Really?

  4. @ 2. Who said the sun wasn’t a star?

  5. ^um… the op did

  6. Betty P. Phipps

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  7. Literally, the op is wrong. Metaphorically, the op is right. Cake-wise, the op is a fatass.

  8. I feel like we should know the size of the cake before we judge. I mean if it’s 9×13 or bigger he/she is a piggy. However some places sell single serving sized cakes, that wouldn’t be so bad.

  9. ^ I’ve heard from reliable sources that she’s talking about a 5 tiered wedding cake, with the bottom measuring 24″ diameter and 6″ high, and the top measuring 8″ diameter and 6″ high.

  10. Too.
    I headache now.

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